How High-Quality Freezers Can Benefit Different Establishments


When we say food preservation and storage, oftentimes, Filipinos would automatically think of their refrigerators. After all, these appliances have built-in small freezers that can store blocks of meat, ice, and other items. In addition, it is not common for homeowners to acquire such appliances as they frequent wet markets and groceries weekly, eliminating the need for more storage.


However, investing in a standalone freezer can also be beneficial, especially if you own certain establishments. You can find various kinds of freezers for sale in Western Appliances Philippines, which are far better investments and have more advantages than your regular refrigerator.


If you are searching for high-quality, durable, and reliable freezers for your business or personal use, do not hesitate to order online from us. We have provided several establishments with our appliances, and we prepared this informational content to help you decide which freezer type suits you best. Read on to learn more.

Freezers and Their Advantages

Our ancestors had to find clever ways to preserve their fresh catch. They did all sorts of storage techniques, such as off-grid freezing, where they dedicated space in an attic or outside their homes, stocking fish, meat, and livestock in ice boxes. Moreover, they also built root cellars, deep pits dug into the ground covered with timber and earth. They even avoided food spoilage by drying their goods using what nature gives us, some sunlight and wind.

These all worked, but they were not the easiest things to do, especially when the weather did not favor them. With the help of manufacturers and engineers, we can now casually walk into appliance stores and purchase freezers for sale in the Philippines. And they come with a lot of advantages, such as:

Bulk Storage

Refrigerators are convenient to have, especially if you have a small kitchen. However, they can only give limited space for freezing items. In contrast, a freezer gives you two to three times more storage than your two-door fridges.

Moreover, not all people can run to the wet market or grocery anytime they wish to. Some are too busy and can only allot a few days in a month to run errands and grab supplies. When you have a freezer, you need not worry if all your stock will fit inside. You’ll surely have plenty of space to fill, and you only have to organize your goods properly so that they can last for weeks or even months.

In addition, business owners can order many ingredients once they invest in freezers. By doing so, you can accommodate more customers, run your operations smoothly, and you need not worry about spoilage.

Longer Preservation

Cold food storage charts can help you determine how long you can keep specific items inside your freezer without affecting their quality. However, these are just mere guides. Frozen foods stored continuously at 0 °F or below can be actually kept indefinitely.

This is a significant advantage for those who own chest freezers in the Philippines as you do not need to plot what food comes in and out of your freezer every week. You can freely stock seasonal fruits, bulks of livestock, and fresh vegetables for an extended period.

Given this, it is a must for freezer owners to learn about proper food storage and the division of compartments. Despite having the best freezer, you may still end up with damaged frozen goods due to freezer burn.

Bulk Cooking

If you have a restaurant or own a catering business, you should look for freezers for sale in the Philippines. They are your best companion when it comes to preparing and cooking big batches of dishes.

Caterers usually order ingredients from their supplier ahead of time to accommodate big celebrations where you need to feed at least 50 people. With a freezer in hand, you can store everything you need and divide the large storage according to the meals you must prepare.

By doing so, you no longer have to worry about late deliveries of orders, prolonged prep time, and spoilage.

Freezers for Sale in the Philippines

Western Appliances offers two kinds of freezers. Although they have different features, both are high quality and reliable regarding freezing and preservation.

Chest Freezer

You can easily purchase chest freezers from different appliance stores in the Philippines. They are rectangular in shape with a lid that can be opened upwards, requiring users to bend downwards a little when grabbing items inside. They are made of durable material, like aluminum, and often have a sliding door.

Chest freezers are large by design, allowing you to store as many goods as possible. You may also choose between a regular inverter chest freezer or one with dual function chiller.

Upright Freezer

Upright freezers are always for sale in various appliance stores in the Philippines. This type of freezer looks similar to a regular refrigerator, but it cools and functions as a freezer. It is durable and has a sleek appearance on the outside. Compared to chest freezers, they also have more shelves and drawers inside.

Upright freezers can benefit those who do not have time to organize food items into different airtight containers. They have built-in dividers that prevent perishable goods from touching or spilling into one another.

What Establishments Should Have at Least One Freezer?

Investing in standalone freezers might seem like an over-the-top idea. However, they are essential in certain establishments. Here are some of them:


Having at least one freezer inside your home gives you many benefits. Aside from having larger storage, you can rely on it when there are calamities.

Food items are the first things that can be damaged after a power outage. A deep freezer can stay cold and frozen even without electricity for about two to three days. That allows you to have enough supplies before you get evacuated or rescued.


Groceries and wet markets are where we run when we need fresh ingredients, livestock, vegetables, fruits, and other food items. Therefore, they must have more than one deep freezer to keep their products well-preserved.

Without one, their business won’t run, and they have to sell everything they offer in one day, as specific food items can quickly spoil if they only rely on iceboxes or other types of manual food freezing methods


Restaurants serve hundreds of people every day, providing people with food from breakfast to dinner. These establishments must have a walk-in freezer or at least more than one deep freezer available for ingredient storage.

Without a deep freezer, they will risk food contamination as their ingredients may not be that fresh. Furthermore, they cannot accommodate all their customers when they do not have extra items ready to be cooked.

Convenience Stores

People run to convenience stores to purchase instant food like frozen meat, ice creams, and cold beverages. You must always have these in stock, which is where deep freezers come in handy.

With enough supply in your deep freezer, you can easily replace the ones displayed in your showcase refrigerators. Moreover, you can keep your dairy products frozen and, at the same time, promote them openly when you have chest freezers that have glass sliding doors.


There are specific medications that need to be frozen in order to maintain their effectiveness and quality. With the right deep freezer, you can run your pharmacy smoothly and ensure that your customers can acquire high-quality medicines to cure their illnesses.

Catering Businesses

Like restaurants, purchasing a freezer is a smart investment for caterers. You may not have your own permanent place to serve customers, but you need freezers inside your kitchen to accommodate your client’s needs.

Since you mostly do big batches of cooking, you also need a larger space to store your ingredients and ensure that they will not spoil until the day they are needed.


Hotels serve hundreds of guests every day. They not only offer room accommodation and amenities but also have buffet areas and room service where guests can request food to be delivered to their rooms.

Freezers should be present inside hotel kitchens to prepare and cook food for their guests. Some five-star hotels even have walk-in freezers because they need the largest freezer capacity they can get. After all, the demand for them to serve fresh goods is always high.

Purchase Excellent Freezers From Western Appliances

Western Appliances is a reliable appliance store in the Philippines, serving different establishments, from restaurants to groceries. If you are a business owner, invest in our top-quality freezers and shop online today! We offer different payment methods as well as flexible delivery options. For inquiries, you may contact our team.


You may think that you do not need a separate freezer, but there are some things that they can offer better— for instance, capacity, longer preservation time, and durability.

Visit your go-to appliance store now and inquire about the type of freezer you want. For more information about Western Appliances’ products, you can reach out to our representatives. We’ll gladly help you!


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