Elba EL600SE

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60cm Premium Built-in Oven

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  • 60 cm built-in oven
  • 9 function electric convection oven with electric grill
  • Stainless steel finish with black glass accent
  • 59L oven capacity
  • Knob/push-button controls
  • Digital display with clock
  • Electronic programmer with automatic shutoff timer
  • Built-in cooling fan (shuts off after oven cooldown)
  • Dedicated bread leavening and pizza function
  • 40°C-300°C temperature setting
  • 4 layer shelf positions
  • 1 halogen light
  • Full-extension telescopic runners (easy access of trays)
  • Self-cleaning catalytic panels
  • Triple-layer oven door glass
  • Smooth opening door hinges
  • Made in Italy
  • Power Supply: 220V / 15A / 60Hz
  • Maximum Electric Input: 2350W
  • Weight (Unit | Package): 34.80kg | 38.60kg
  • Dimension (Unit | Package): 59.5 x 54 x 59.5 cm | 65 x 67 x 72 cm
  • 1 Year Warranty


Oven light

It allows to illuminate the inside of the oven, in order to control the cooking status of the food.

Conventional Cooking (Upper & Lower heating)

The heat comes simultaneously from the top as well as from the bottom of the oven. This function is the perfect solution for cooking pizza, cakes, roasting and baking of any kind and also for fat meats like duck or goose.

Base heat only

The heat coming only from the bottom side allows to complete the cooking of food that requires a higher temperature on the base. This function is perfect to complete the cooking of cakes, salty cakes, pizzas, slow cooking and pastry.

Leavening (Same as upper heating element)

The leavening function cuts the leavening time in half, and makes the dough uniform, elastic and easy to kneed. Compared to leavening on a surface in a room, dough leavened in the oven using our special function rises better and more quickly, saving you time and helping you make perfect dough for tasty, soft and fragrant pizzas.

Electric grilling

This function operates the variable electric grill, you can use low setting when you want to be gentle for grilling a relatively smaller amount of food, such as snacks or toast and a high setting for quick grilling.

Fan assisted grilling

The fan combined with the grill function enhances and makes faster the operations of grilling and cooking of gratin, with a major distribution of the heat avoiding the burning of the surface.

Pizza – (Same as Conventional Cooking with fan)

Pizza function set at 300°C helps bake pizzas to perfect crispness in a shorter amount of time (compared to traditional ovens that only reach 250°C).

True fan cooking

The combination between the fan and the heating element located around the fan, allows the cooking of many kinds of food allocated in more levels, without mixing flavours and smells. This function is particularly indicated for cooking those foods that need to be well cooked on the outside and on the same time, stay tender and juicy in the inside.


When the defrosting function is set, only the fan works without the heating element. This allows the circulation of the air evenly inside the oven and facilitates a rapid defrost of frozen foods.


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