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When people go outdoors, they’re exposed to many pollutants in the air, including smoke from motor vehicles, dust from the road, and spores from plants. These airborne particles may compromise the health of the lungs and sometimes cause allergies and some respiratory diseases, including asthma and pneumonia.

However, staying indoors doesn’t necessarily mean you’re already protected from all sorts of air pollutants. There are still airborne particles that you might inhale even if you are in a closed space, such as your home, car, or office. Because of this, it’s advisable to use appliances designed to improve indoor air quality. We have them here at Western Appliances! Explore our website today to purchase a new air purifier in the Philippines.

What Is an Air Purifier in the Philippines? 

In a nutshell, air purifiers are relatively small home appliances that can clean the air inside a room, office, or any indoor space. They can filter out microscopic particles, such as specks of dust, mold, and spores.

Air Purifier vs Humidifier

Many people confuse air purifiers with humidifiers, possibly because they can both be used to make it safer for you to breathe in indoor air. However, there are quite a few stark differences between the two appliances.

First, humidifiers are well-known for being rather small. Most of them are designed to be compact and light enough to be placed on top of tables and desks. They are filled with water that’s slowly boiled to create vapor, and when plugged in, they usually emit odorless steam from a small hole on its top. However, it is important to note that they don’t necessarily clean the air.

On the other hand, air purifiers are installed at homes or offices because they can get rid of airborne particles and prevent people from experiencing the side effects of their allergies. Although humidifiers can also help you get rid of these symptoms, they do so in a different way. These appliances make the indoor air moist by boiling water and emitting vapor. When you inhale the steam, your nasal cavity will get moist too, which somehow prevents you from experiencing any allergic symptoms even if you breathe in dust and other allergens.

Air Purifier Benefits

Before you decide to purchase a new air purifier in the Philippines, you must learn how it will benefit you. Here are a few advantages of using this appliance:

  • It Gets Rid of Foul Odors in Closed Spaces
  • It Helps Prevent Asbestos Poisoning
  • It Helps Relieve Symptoms of Asthma
  • It Removes Harmful Elements and Chemicals in the Air

What Are the Different Types of Air Purifiers?

When purchasing a new air purifier, you should always consider why you need it and where you’re going to use it. This way, you can pick the right type of unit to get. Here are a few options for you:

Best Car Air Purifiers in the Philippines

Cars are tightly enclosed, and they can trap a lot of airborne particles that might be harmful when inhaled. This is especially the case if you light cigarettes inside your vehicle or frequently bring your pet around to travel. Aside from those, other common sources of toxic gases and elements inside automobiles are exhaust fumes, trapped pollutants, and particulate matter. Breathing these in can cause people to get sick or develop chronic respiratory problems.

Thankfully, you can always purchase a new car air purifier in the Philippines to clean the air in your automobile and prevent yourself from getting exposed to toxic elements. These devices are small and lightweight, but they’re highly effective in getting rid of pet fur, dander, cigarette smoke, and other harmful particles.

Some car air purifiers have their own batteries, but there are also models that you can plug into your vehicle’s power system. They even have HEPA or activated carbon filters that block particles and clean the air in a matter of minutes.

Best Portable Air Purifiers in the Philippines

As the name suggests, portable air purifiers are relatively small. Some are compact and lightweight enough to be placed on any tabletop at home, like those in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom.
There are also portable models that can fit inside your bag, so you can carry them around anywhere you go. These devices come in handy if you travel frequently. If the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t have an air purifying system, you can simply bring out your own.

These mini devices are typically powered by small batteries that can be recharged once they’re drained. In many cases, they clean the air using UV lights. Short-wave ultraviolet radiation is emitted by the machine to render nearby germs and bacteria inactive. UV air purifiers usually have HEPA or carbon filters, too, so they’re more effective in killing and blocking out harmful particles around you.

Best Air Purifier With HEPA Filters in the Philippines

High-efficiency particulate air filters, otherwise known as HEPA filters, are specially designed to effectively block any air particles that are larger than 3 microns. In theory, HEPA filters can remove over 99% of dust, bacteria, pollen, dander, and other microscopic particles that you might inhale.

If you’re buying air purifiers in the Philippines, be sure to check if it’s equipped with high-quality HEPA filters. This way, you can rest assured that it can thoroughly clean the air you’re breathing.

How Does an Air Purifier in the Philippines Work?

People are becoming more and more conscious of their health. They don’t want to be exposed to germs and viruses and eventually contract diseases, which is why they invest in items that can help them live a better lifestyle. Some people buy air purifiers in the Philippines because it helps clean the air. If you’re wondering how they do so, it’s simple!

  1. A small fan inside the device will suck in the air in the room.
  2. The air will pass through layers of filters, which will be used to block small elements, such as specks of dust and other tiny particles.
  3. An exhaust fan in the device will eject cleaner air for you to breathe in.

Where To Place an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are perfect tools for cleaning the indoor atmosphere in any room at home. They work best when they are placed in strategic locations, such as the following:

Near the Worst Air Pollutants

Inspect your house thoroughly and check where the worst air pollutants are. You don’t need special devices to do this because you can simply use your senses to determine the area where toxic airborne particles are concentrated. If you have a mold infestation in one corner of your bedroom, for instance, place the air purifier near the stained walls.

Areas With the Highest Airflow

Smaller air purifiers can be installed in different ways. You can place it on top of a table or mount it on the wall, as long as they’re about three to five feet from the ground. This way, you can capture both horizontal and vertical airflow, so it’s ideal if you want to maximize the cleaning capacity of your air purifier.

Avoid Spots Near Electronics and With High Humidity Levels

The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most humid places in the house. There are times when these areas have a foul stench, so it’s totally understandable for homeowners to be eager to put their air purifiers there. It’s not a good idea to do so, though, because air purifiers don’t work well in any space with high humidity levels.

In many cases, the heavy air in humid areas can cause the device to malfunction. The HEPA filters also get damaged pretty easily when they get in contact with moist air. If you really want to use your air purifier inside your bathroom or kitchen, it’s advisable to partner it with a dehumidifier.

Where Can You Buy the Best Air Purifier in the Philippines?

Western Appliances is here to provide you with high-quality devices. We carry some of the most well-known air purifier brands in the Philippines, and we can help you choose which one best suits your needs.

Our company offers a wide range of products to our customers. Feel free to check out our catalog by browsing our website. Once you’ve already made a decision to buy, you can just check the item out and choose a mode of payment that’s convenient for you. You can expect your purchase to be delivered fast, especially if you just live around the Metro.

Keep yourself and your family safe by buying an air purifier in the Philippines and installing it at your home. Get in touch with us today.


Air purifiers are perfect for sanitizing the indoor atmosphere in any room at home. They are excellent tools that can prevent you from inhaling toxic fumes and developing lung diseases. If you have recently bought a new air purifier in the Philippines, be sure to follow some helpful tips that can help you maximize the cleaning capacity of your device.

Here at Western Appliances, we can provide you with high-quality air purifiers that you can install in your home or your car. Feel free to browse through the items we sell today to see if there’s anything that piques your interest. Look through our online shop today and place your orders.


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