Aircon for Sale in the Philippines: Beat the Heat with the Best Cooling Systems!

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Living in the Philippines means that you must endure the sweltering heat and high humidity. Even if you’re staying inside and supposedly relaxing, you can still become too sweaty and clammy due to the hot climate. Turning on your stand or ceiling fan might help, but often, they also blow off warm air. During these times, air conditioning units become the best option.

What is an Aircon, and How Does It Work?

An air conditioner or aircon is a system that acts similarly to a heat pump. The difference, however, is that an aircon follows a cooling cycle. It utilizes the ductwork inside your property to change the air’s temperature, humidity, or general quality. The air conditioner also cools down space by removing heat and moving it to an outside area. It is then replaced by colder air.

In a split system, the compressor condenses and circulates the refrigerant through the outdoor unit, transforming from gas to liquid. The liquid is then forced through the indoor evaporator coil, and the indoor unit’s fan circulates the inside air to pass across the evaporator fins.

Once done, the evaporator’s metal fins exchange the thermal energy with the air around it. The liquid refrigerant then turns into vapor, removing any heat from the surrounding air. After which, the air is finally cooled and can be blown back into the house.

Next, the condenser or outdoor unit turns the refrigerant vapor back into a liquid and removes any heat. Once the fluid leaves the evaporator again, it becomes a cool, low-pressure gas that will eventually return to the condenser to begin its trip all over again.

This process continues repeatedly until your room reaches the desired cooling temperature that is programmed and sensed by your thermostat setting.

What Are the Types of Aircon in the Philippines?

When investing in an air conditioning unit, you must always think about getting the best value for your money. You must consider all the factors that may affect its functionality, efficiency, performance, and overall reliability to ensure that the cost is worth it.

However, how do you know which air conditioning unit is the right one for your home? Evaluating an AC unit’s size, features, home requirements, quality, cost, and all other features can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Western Appliances is here to make everything simple and easy by helping you choose the best possible option without breaking the bank.

First, you have to know the three main types of air conditioners based on form and function: window, split, and portable.

Window Aircon in the Philippines

This is one of the most common and familiar types of air conditioning units. In the past years, it has become almost standard in many homes, apartments, offices, and cabins. It is also widely popular because it is reasonably priced and easy to fit for domestic use.

Split Aircon in the Philippines

With this variant, the components of a traditional air conditioning system are split into two individual units—one indoor and one outdoor. The outdoor unit houses the compressor and condenser components, while the indoor unit contains the distribution and filter components.

The components of the indoor and outdoor units are connected by an electric cable and two copper pipes. This is also where the refrigerant flows to and from the internal and external parts.

Split air conditioner units are more powerful, making them quieter and more efficient. They also come with a remote control used to set the room temperature. The downside, however, is that this type tends to be more expensive. Professional installation is also required to ensure that it is properly mounted to your room.

Portable Aircon in the Philippines

This type of air conditioner is the most user-friendly. Because it is easy to use, it has become popular among domestic audiences. Portable or mobile aircon requires no mounting, making them convenient and cheap. They only have a flexible air pipe that is routed through a window or hole in the wall.

The air conditioner discharges hot air through its pipe when in use. Because the compressor is located inside the unit, it is often noisier and has a more limited capacity than other aircon types.

Inverter vs. Non-Inverter Aircon for Sale in the Philippines

With the rising temperatures in our country, many people are buying air conditioners to keep themselves cool and comfortable. However, there is one important factor consumers need to consider when purchasing a unit: Should you buy an inverter or non-inverter aircon?

Let’s have a closer look at the topic.

What Is an Inverter Aircon?

An inverter-type air conditioner works by adjusting the speed of the compressor to control the refrigerant (gas) flow rate, making it consume less current and power. It also has precise temperature control. Once the set temperature is attained, the unit adjusts its capacity to eliminate any temperature fluctuations.

Benefits of Getting an Inverter Aircon for Sale in the Philippines

An inverter aircon is the eco-friendlier option between the two types. It is energy efficient as the compressor is not running constantly at full power, which is perfect for those who are hesitant to invest in an aircon due to higher electricity bills.

Since it uses less power, the inverter aircon is much quieter than a non-inverter one. It operates according to the room temperature instead of suddenly turning on and off.

What Is a Non-Inverter Aircon?

A non-inverter aircon has a fixed cooling or heating capacity. Its compressor runs at a set speed and can only control the indoor temperature by starting or stopping it. The current and power consumption of the non-inverter aircon goes down when the operation stops but goes up sharply as soon as it starts. This leads to higher power consumption compared to the inverter aircon.

Benefits of Getting a Non-Inverter Aircon for Sale in the Philippines

The non-inverter aircon is more affordable and accessible than its inverter counterpart. If you’re someone who’s on a tight budget and wants an aircon for your room, then getting a non-inverter aircon would be a better choice.

Inverter VS Non-Inverter: Which Should You Get?

This question looks like a straightforward one, but it’s more complicated than it seems. There are many factors that may affect your decision, including your usage habits, place of installation, and budget.

If the duration of the operation is longer than 4 hours a day, then the inverter aircon is more suitable for you. However, for lower usage durations, a non-inverter aircon would be a more convenient option. The only difference is that the inverter aircon consumes less power than the non-inverter aircon, which has peak power requirements.

How to Choose an Aircon for Sale in the Philippines?

Not all air conditioners are created equal. Even though more Filipinos are using air conditioners now due to global warming and the country’s weather, you should still keep these five things in mind when purchasing an aircon. This way, you don’t waste your time and money.

Cooling Capacity

When buying an air conditioner, be sure that it has an adjustable thermostat and a minimum of two air cooling speeds. Aside from that, the unit must have at least two fan variable speeds for different needs.

You should also consider the British Thermal Unit or BTU level of the air conditioning unit. For example, don’t go for window-type air conditioners with too little BTU power as they must operate continuously to cool a large building. You don’t want to pay a large amount for your energy bills, even if it seems cheaper at first glance.

Energy Efficiency

Aside from the cooling capacity, you have to make sure that the air conditioning you want to purchase is energy-efficient, especially in the long run. If there’s one thing that can be considered a major deciding factor in buying an air conditioner, it would be electric consumption. Choose units that consume a low amount of electricity, resulting in more long-term savings.

Nowadays, many air conditioning units feature inverter technology that uses a variable-frequency sensor to control the speed of the motor, which regulates the refrigerant flow inside. You should also consider two features to gauge an air conditioner’s energy efficiency: ENERGY STAR rating and energy efficiency ratio (EER).

When you say that your aircon has an ENERGY STAR Rating, your unit typically uses about 10% less energy. That will also save you money on operating costs. On the other hand, EER tells you how many BTUs the unit uses for each watt. Always remember that the higher the EER, the more efficient the air conditioning unit is.

You should also check the air conditioning unit for special features. One of the most useful and unique utilities in some aircon is the ability to track how much energy your unit has consumed in real-time.


Of course, the price of the unit is another factor that you should consider. Make sure that the aircon that you’re purchasing fits within the budget that you set. When you’re buying an air conditioner, you want all the best features you can benefit from to be in the unit you’ve been eyeing. However, it doesn’t mean that you will discredit your checklist just because you’re prioritizing the price over quality.

There are many factors that affect the price of a unit, including the brand, model, and different features. When purchasing a new air conditioner in the Philippines, do a cost-benefit analysis to ensure that the item you’re buying is worth your money.

Where Can You Find an Aircon for Sale in the Philippines?

When purchasing a new air conditioning unit for your home, be sure to get it from a trusted retailer. This is one way to ensure that the appliance you are buying is high-quality and durable.

Here at Western Appliances, we carry a comprehensive range of air conditioning units from notable brands to cater to a broad Philippine market. We are committed to providing every Filipino with a wide range of appliances that suit their needs.

To order, please visit our website at and browse through the Air Conditioners page. From there, you will see our wide selection of air conditioning units and accessories. To refine your search, you can filter your choices at the Product Filter sub-category and choose between different units, brands, horsepower, and air types. You can also adjust the price in case you’re on a tight budget.

Once done, you can add your desired product to your cart or immediately check them out and proceed with your order. From there, input your payment method and delivery details. After that, you just need to wait for your order to be delivered straight to your home. Easy, right?


With the rising temperatures in the country, especially during the summer season, it is important to keep your home cool and comfortable. Many Filipino families already have an aircon, but if you are just looking to buy your first one or are aiming to install a unit for another room, always remember to weigh all the essential factors before purchasing.

For top-quality, energy-efficient, and cost-effective aircon units, Western Appliances is the way to go. We are committed to bringing you the best air conditioners for your budget. Save your time and money by ordering from us today! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.


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