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There are numerous ways to store and preserve food. It can be done through canning, pickling, fermenting, drying, and so on. The most famous one is refrigeration or freezing. But before the rise of refrigerators and freezers, people used iceboxes to store perishable goods, especially meat. Iceboxes are made out of wood with zinc or tin linings and are packed with insulation. A block of ice is usually placed around or on top of them to maintain the temperature.

This type of freezing has been done since the late 1700s, and because people have seen the need for a better way to keep food and other goods, electronic refrigerators and chest freezers emerged in the 1910s.

If you compare the freezer prices in the Philippines, you will find that a chest freezer is the most affordable and economical. This is because it is a type of deep freezer that opens like a chest, and every inch of it can be used to store goods. With a bigger space, people can maximize it and place bulky items that usually don’t fit in a normal freezer inside a refrigerator.

Here at Western Appliances, we offer the best chest freezer prices in the Philippines. If you order one from us, you can confidently come home with a quality chest freezer that you can use for your business or as storage for your groceries and other perishable goods.

What Makes a Chest Freezer Inverter Different?

Almost all people have freezers in their houses, as they are essential in keeping food fresh and consumable after a few days, weeks, or even months. Chest freezers, in particular, are highly efficient when storing and freezing food since they don’t have a fan. This reduces air circulation and causes consistent temperature. Here are more features that make chest freezers different:


Chest freezers are horizontal. They also open widely like a chest and have deeper storage than upright freezers. This means they can be a bit bulky, requiring a bigger space for storage. People who own chest freezers usually place them in the basement or garage to avoid overcrowding their kitchens.

On the other hand, business owners dedicate a space for their chest freezers as they use these appliances daily to quickly stock and acquire their ingredients. They are usually placed near the kitchens or at the back of the stores.


Deep freezers range in shape and size from cube to rectangular ones, and size matters when it comes to choosing the right chest freezer for you. In addition, the appliance industry suggests that there should be 1.5 cubic feet of freezer allotted for every person in your household.

Their usual height is 32 to 24 inches, with width varying from 28 to 74 inches and depth of 21 to 33 inches. Depending on what you will store inside a chest freezer, you will need to measure it up and allot one to three inches of space for air circulation for every side of the freezer.


Chest freezers in the Philippines are highly affected by the capacity they can hold. The usual load for chest freezers is 5.0 to 22 cubic feet. This means you can fill them up with baskets of groceries, meat, and other goods.

Additionally, chest freezers have 20% more usable space than other freezers as they don’t have dividers or different compartments. It would depend on the owner on how they can maximize their capacity.

Why Do People Invest in a Chest Freezer Inverter?

Chest freezer prices in the Philippines are not that steep. If you’re looking for reasons to invest in one, here are some; for starters, it can save you trips from your local market or grocery store. With a chest freezer, you can stock up to a month-worth of food and never worry about spoilage or running out of space.

If you are still not convinced, here are more reasons:


The compressor fitted in a deep freezer is an inverter. This type of compressor can work at different speeds depending on your freezer needs. For instance, if you leave the door of your chest freezer open, it will speed up and double its work to increase the cooling. On the other hand, it automatically maintains optimum temperature if it detects no activity. This can save at least 20 to 30% of your electricity bills as it doesn’t use extra energy when it is not needed.

More Space

Since chest freezers are built horizontally and are deeper, they can hold more items than freezers with built-in storage, compartments, and baskets. Sizable goods with awkward or unusual shapes can easily fit in a chest freezer since owners can have the freedom to organize the contents according to what they want to put in without worrying about the sizes of containers they can store.

Easy to Display Products

Most businesses require the use of chest freezers, especially those that deal with perishable goods, beverages, and other things that need freezing. Some also use their chest freezers to display products inside their stores.

Those that sell dairy products like ice cream take advantage of their deep freezers, too, to freeze their goods and at the same time advertise them so buyers can easily get one if they want to. Moreover, those who sell bags of ice greatly benefit from chest freezers as they don’t need to think of where to place their products. They just set their freezers where people can come and grab a pack when they want to buy one.

Where Can You Find Deep Freezers in the Philippines?

You can find deep freezers in the common places you visit every day. This appliance is highly beneficial to a lot of establishments, which is why they are used by the following:

Grocery Stores

When we run out of supplies, from food to bathroom essentials, we all go to the nearest grocery store from our house. There, we can find a whole aisle of numerous chest freezers containing dairy products, meat, fish, fruits, frozen goods, and so much more. Grocery store owners benefit from deep freezers as they can store and at the same time display their products. Furthermore, they need not worry if their produce is fresh since these freezers can maintain an optimal temperature to keep the goods fresh.

Convenience Stores

The main difference between grocery stores and convenience stores is the products they sell. Convenience stores usually offer staple food that is already packed and ready to eat, whereas groceries provide fresh produce.

Chest freezers with inverters can also be seen in your local convenience stores. As mentioned above, they offer instant goods like frozen meals and sandwiches that should be preserved at a cold temperature and warmed up using microwaves when purchased by customers. 


Usually, restaurants keep their deep freezer in their kitchen or storage area. This appliance is valuable to them as they use it to store meat, vegetables, and other perishable ingredients that need to be in stock all the time.

Some restaurants that sell dairy products, like ice cream, use chest freezers, as well. This appliance has a dual purpose for them as it serves as their display case and product storage.

What To Put in Your Chest Freezer Inverter?

When we talk about what we place inside freezers, we automatically think of ice cubes. However, there are many more products and things you can put inside deep freezers. Here are some of them:

Frozen Meat Products

Freezing is the most common way of preserving meat products. Usually, people place a week-worth of meat like pork, beef, and chicken in their deep freezer. These are all safe to store inside even after the use-by date as the cold temperature stops the products from spoiling.

Fresh ground meat can be stored inside for up to four months, a newly-chopped beef steak can be frozen for up to 12 months, and fish products can be kept for three months. However, it is still best to purchase meat products that you know you can consume in a short period to ensure their freshness when they are served.

Frozen Desserts

People love frozen desserts, especially those who live in a tropical country. This is why business owners invest in chest freezers to keep up with customers’ demand for ice cream, popsicle sticks, frozen yogurt, and so on.

Dairy products like ice creams are prone to spoilage. When storing them inside your deep freezer, adjust the temperature to 0°F (-18°C) or colder. This will keep your products frozen and feel hard when touched. If the dairy product is soft when touched, you may have to adjust the freezer’s settings.


Butter is frequently used when cooking. Some even consider it as an alternative to cooking oil. In addition, it is widely used when producing baked goods like cookies, cake, muffins, and more.

To maximize the shelf life of butter, it should be placed in a freezer inside airtight containers or wrapped tightly using plastic or aluminum foil.

Leftover Dough

Chest freezers are also beneficial to bakers. To reduce labor and produce more baked treats, they can make big batches of dough and freeze them. The temperature will preserve the products, and the bakers can simply pop out the frozen dough when needed.

Ready To Cook Meals

Ready-to-cook meals are popular, especially for those with busy schedules who cannot prepare their food daily. Freezing them is the best way to ensure that the flavors are preserved, and their food will not go bad throughout the week. The key to sealing a meal’s freshness is by placing them in separate bags or containers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can Your Food Last in a Freezer?

Every type of food has a different life span, and it can be prolonged when placed inside a freezer. For meat products, here are the estimated timeframes:

  • Chops

Chops can be stored for up to four to six months.

  • Roasts

Roasts can be stored for up to four to twelve months.

  • Whole Chicken

A whole chicken can be stored for up to one year. Meanwhile, chicken pieces can last up to nine months.

  • Fish

Fish lasts up to six months when frozen properly.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

These two can last up to 12 months inside a chest freezer.

What Are the Chest Freezer Prices in the Philippines?

Chest freezer prices in the Philippines may vary depending on your chosen size, capacity, and overall features. Nevertheless, all chest freezers can preserve the goods you place in them.

How Do You Defrost a Chest Freezer?

Defrosting your deep freezer is necessary to keep it clean and well-maintained. You can do this once a year to get the best out of your appliance.

Start by taking out all its contents, then turn it off so the hardened ice melts down. Afterward, you can wipe the insides using a towel. Once you’re done removing the ice and leftovers inside, you can turn on the chest freezer and let it chill before placing goods inside.

Where Can You Buy Chest Freezers in the Philippines?

Are you ready to invest in a chest freezer for your home, store, restaurant, or grocery? Then you’re in the right place.

Western Appliances can provide you with high-quality and best-priced chest freezers in the Philippines. Our company is committed to supplying durable appliances to our customers on top of our reliable customer service.


Owning a deep freezer can be life-changing, especially for those who store many products that need to be preserved, like meat, dairy, vegetables, and so on.

For top-of-the-line chest freezers, browse Western Appliance’s website, and place an order today!


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