8 Freezer Mistakes You Are Committing and How To Avoid Them


Food preservation has been done since ancient times. Back then, it helped our ancestors keep their fresh hunts fresh. They even used different ways of preserving goods, such as canning, fermenting, and drying.

With the help of technology and innovation, we now have freezers and refrigerators. Hence, we can easily run to the grocery and stock up on meat, milk, fruit, and vegetables without worrying whether they can stay fresh for the next few days.

If you recently bought a freezer, you might want to keep it in its optimal condition as freezer prices in the Philippines can get higher depending on their extra features, capacity, and quality.

For effective freezer maintenance tips, turn to Western Appliances, one of the most trusted appliance stores in the Philippines. We have been providing durable freezers to homes, grocery stores, and other facilities for many years, and we can help you make the most of your money.

Why You Need a Freezer

Freezers are storage machines similar to refrigerators. However, they are better for storing meat and other highly perishable goods because they can keep them fresh for weeks or even months as long as they are kept below freezing point or at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Every home must have at least one freezer as it can save families from daily market trips. Moreover, when there are unexpected blackouts, freezers can keep your food frozen for many hours, ultimately saving you from wasting perfectly good food.

Types of Freezers Available in the Philippines

Western Appliances offers two different types of freezers that you can place inside your kitchen, restaurant, or grocery.

Chest Freezer

You can see chest freezers for sale in different appliance stores. As the name suggests, these storage machines look like chest boxes with hinged lids that open upwards, revealing your frozen goods. They are best for those who need deeper compartments to store big chunks of meat, plastics of ice, and plenty of beverages.

Upright Freezer

On the other hand, upright freezers are tall storage machines that open vertically using a door handle. Compared to chest freezers, it is easier to reach for your goods when you use upright freezers. The things inside are stored in layers of trays instead of piled deep in a chest box.

Typical Freezer Mistakes To Avoid

Once you buy a freezer from an appliance store in the Philippines, you must learn about maintenance to keep it in optimal condition. Here are mistakes you should avoid committing:

Never Defrosting The Freezer

Just because freezers are supposed to be cold does not mean that you should not defrost them and get rid of the ice build-up from time to time. Defrosting helps you free up space, keep the compartments clean, and ensure the door is hermetically sealed.

Freezing Goods for Too Long

The primary purpose of a freezer is to keep food items fresh for a specific time. Freezing goods for too long may affect your freezer as they can overcrowd the machine. Moreover, it affects the other perishable items stored in it by reducing their quality and building up bacteria. Make sure to research the shelf-life of your meat, vegetables, dairy products, and fruits before placing them inside.

Not Using Airtight Containers

Using suitable containers is beneficial because the chance of spillage decreases with them. Airtight containers prevent freezer burn, which is when food items turn hard, shriveled, and discolored as they become covered in ice crystals due to lack of moisture. This affects the quality of your food ingredients, so it is best to invest in high-quality containers.

Freezing Certain Goods Together

Often, people do not consider organizing their freezers as part of maintenance. But, believe it or not, it does affect your machine. Freezing different food groups, such as dairy and meat, may result in a freezer disaster. When these items are frozen together, spoilage may occur, ruining other contents and the freezer itself because you’ll have to defrost often.

Opening the Freezer Frequently

When you open a freezer, you let warm and humid air enter the compartment. This is dangerous as it leads to sudden ice formation, especially for frost-free freezers. Moreover, the food items stored inside will undergo continuous temperature fluctuation. Make it a habit to only open your freezer when you need to. We also recommend organizing your freezer so you can quickly grab the things you need when you open it.

Leaving Freezers Too Empty or Full

When you leave your freezer too empty, it works harder to cool the warm air that comes in whenever the door is opened. Keeping it full of meat, dairy, vegetables, and other food items regulates the temperature inside.

On the other hand, if you keep your freezer too full, the cold air will not circulate, stopping the freezer from freezing food properly. To avoid overfilling, you can label your items and consume the ones placed there earlier. Doing this saves you from damaging your appliance and wasting money on food.

Setting Temperature Too Low

It might be tempting to set the temperature of your freezer too low to freeze goods quickly. However, this is highly damaging to your appliance as it needs to work harder to cool the warm air inside. A too-cold freezer may also affect the quality, taste, and texture of the food items stored in it. On top of this, your electricity bill may also increase.

Freezing Food While It’s Hot

If you are planning on putting hot pans, scalding baking trays, and steaming bags of food inside your freezer, think again. Storing items in a freezer while they are still hot damages both your food and the freezer. The warm air from the hot items may fluctuate the temperature inside, causing ice build-up on the freezer walls.


When you buy a freezer from an appliance store in the Philippines, it is a must to learn about maintenance. This saves you from damaging appliances and re-purchasing new ones only to damage them again. Moreover, with a well-maintained freezer, you can expect better-quality food items once you get them out of the cold compartment.

Purchase a brand-new freezer from Western Appliances today! Shop online now and wait for your appliances to be delivered to your chosen destination. For inquiries, you may talk to our team.


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