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Whether you’re buying an appliance for the first time or replacing an old one, finding good options that fit within your budget can be a daunting task. Assessing all the technical specifications of each model is hard enough without factoring in the price tag.

Even if you eventually find one that fits your needs and preferences, it may be too expensive for your current budget. The best solution to your problem is a hulugan plan.

Hulugan payments, also known as installments, have helped several people pay for large-ticket items, like appliances. This payment method is also commonly utilized to pay for bills and other expenses with high amounts, such as tuition fees, medical bills, and travel-related expenditures.

What Is a Hulugan or Installment Mode of Payment?

A hulugan or installment plan is a method of purchasing products gradually. This mode of payment is most commonly used for items like appliances, cars, electronics, and other products or services that the buyer cannot pay directly. It is a contract in which a consumer agrees to pay an initial amount of money to buy an asset.

After the initial payment, the consumer pays the remainder of the asset’s purchase price plus interest at staggered rates over a period of time.

How Does a Hulugan or Installment Payment Method Work?

To be legally effective, hulugan or installment payment agreements must be in writing and signed by both parties. The contract must contain all the important and relevant information in print that everyone can read easily. These details include the following:

• A detailed description of the products
• The cash value of the products
• The entire amount that must be paid in installments to purchase the products
• The down payment amount
• The monthly payment amounts, which may include the appropriate interest rate and charges
• A reasonable summary of the parties’ rights, including the option to cancel the agreement during a “cooling-off” period
• The company’s or seller’s right to terminate the contract for a legal cause

What Are the Benefits of Hulugan or Installment Payments?

Since installment plans are very common, most individuals are familiar with the various advantages they offer. Individuals can benefit from the convenience of paying small amounts over several months or years to get the appliances they want. On the other hand, businesses can provide their clients with greater flexibility. This approach leads to increased revenue and better cash flow management.


Even if you work relentlessly, it may still take a long time to save enough money for large purchases. Suppose you have a damaged air conditioner in your house that still won’t work even after numerous repairs. Due to the sweltering heat, you have an immediate need for a functional cooling system. However, you may not have enough money to pay for a new one in full.

With an installment plan, you can get the item you desire and pay for it in modest, reasonable payments.

Even if you can afford to pay for the item, you can take advantage of this payment method if you don’t want to risk exhausting your financial reserves. You won’t have to spend the money you have set aside for emergencies and unanticipated situations.

Fixed Repayment

Hulugan plans have fixed monthly interest rates and payments during the entire repayment period. Because of this, you can plan out your cash flow and expenditures accordingly.

Smart Spending

Since installment plans have fixed monthly rates during the repayment period, you can create a budget plan and make smarter purchases in the future. This will also help you save up for your long-term financial goals.

For example, the Hulugan Appliances plan gives you a contract for repaying a specific appliance for 12 months. In this way, you can lay out how you can use your monthly budget to pay your bills and buy your favorite items.

Better Finance Tracking

With an installment plan’s fixed repayments, you can easily manage how much you need every month. You will be able to effectively plan how much money you need to allocate for daily expenses, repayments, and other bills. This will give you a clear picture of your overall expenditures and allow you to control and track your finances.

Spread Out Payment

A hulugan appliance plan lets you purchase items you normally wouldn’t be able to afford if you had to pay them in full. Depending on the given liquidity time frame, you can spread out your payments up to more than 12 months.

Where To Purchase High-Quality Appliances Through Hulugan or Installment in the Philippines?

Western Appliances offers low-cost, high-quality gadgets and appliances that may be purchased on an installment basis. We are one of the leading appliance dealers in the Philippines, carrying a wide variety of home and kitchen appliances from several major brands.

Our company is dedicated to providing you with reliable lifestyle products in a timely and convenient manner. No matter what product you require, you can trust us to offer the best appliances that meet your needs.

We also offer a fast and convenient installment plan so you can purchase our appliances without hurting your budget.

What Is Western Appliances’ Hulugan Plan?

Western Appliances’ hulugan plan is a simple way to get the devices you need without breaking the bank. Our Hulugan Appliances Installment Plan is quick and easy to apply for. You don’t even need a credit card or down payment to pay for any of our gadgets or home appliances.

How To Apply for Western Appliances’ Hulugan Appliances Installment Plan

Follow the steps below to apply for the Hulugan Appliances Installment Plan:

1. Prepare two valid IDs, proof of income, and proof of address.
2. Go to the nearest Western Appliances branch that offers the Hulugan Appliances plan. Click here for the list of branches.
3. Choose which gadgets or appliances you want to buy.
4. Contact a pahulugan agent to get a monthly computation.
5. Fill out the Hulugan Appliances Installment Plan and wait for approval.
6. If applicable, pay the down payment or delivery charge at the cashier.
7. Get your appliances by picking them up at the local branch or having them delivered to your home.
8. Pay the remaining monthly costs using our recommended payment channels.

Other Methods To Apply for Western Appliances’ Hulugan Appliances Plan

If you’re unable to go to the nearest Western Appliances branch, we offer other payment methods on our online store.

Using BillEase

1. Sign up with BillEase.
2. Wait for the approval.
3. Shop at Western Appliances.
4. Add your favorite items to your cart.
5. Proceed to check out.
6. Select BillEase as the payment method.
7. Log in and select the available payment options:

• Pay later
• Pay in installments
• Pay with downpayment

8. Receive your order confirmation and payment schedule.

Using TendoPay

1. Sign up with TendoPay.
2. Wait for the approval.
3. Select the items you want to buy at Western Appliances.
4. Add these items to your cart.
5. Proceed to check out.
6. Select Installments by TendoPay as the payment method.
7. Log in to TendoPay.
8. Receive your order confirmation and payment schedule.

Things To Consider When Applying for the Hulugan Appliances Plan

Budget Planning

If you plan on applying for the Hulugan Appliances plan, you have to keep in mind that you’re borrowing money. Even if the installment plan only requires a few small payments, you still have to plan out your budget to pay the total price accordingly.

Contract Reading

Before signing up for this plan, please make sure that you completely understand how the service works. You should find out what company finances your purchase, how long you have to pay for the appliance, and the amount of charged interest.

What Appliances Can You Buy Under the Hulugan Appliances Plan?


Having a television in your home allows you to have an at-home theatre experience. If you buy a television under the Hulugan Appliances plan, you can purchase the device right away, and create the entertainment system of your dreams.

Kitchen Appliances

Whether you need a refrigerator, freezer, range, or cooktop, you can purchase kitchen essentials through our Hulugan Appliances plan. You don’t have to wait weeks or months to save up for the appliances you need because you can pay for these monthly through our fixed repayment period of 12 months.

Washing Machines

Washing machines are expensive investments. So, if you suddenly find yourself in a situation where your clothes washer breaks down, you will most likely need a replacement. With the Hulugan Appliances plan, you can buy a new washing machine for your home without spending all your savings.

Air Conditioners

Our Hulugan Appliances plan can help you get an air conditioner without breaking the bank. Through this plan, you can finally have a cooler and more comfortable environment at home without having to shell out too much money.

Small Appliances

Small devices can still significantly affect your budget, so getting a financing option for these items is still beneficial. Through our Hulugan Appliances plan, you can purchase a wide variety of small appliances—from electric fans and air coolers to vacuum cleaners and water dispensers.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Hulugan Appliances Plan

What Products Are Included in the Hulugan Appliances Program?

All products on the website, whether small appliances or other gadgets, are included in the Hulugan Appliances Program.

What Is the Minimum Purchase Requirement To Avail of the Installment?

To avail of our Hulugan Appliances Program, you must purchase a minimum of P3,000 worth of items if you’re paying using a credit card. However, if you’re paying through BillEase or TendoPay, the minimum purchase must be P1,000.

Is There an Interest Rate for Your Installment Plan?

The interest rate of our installment plan is 0% for credit card users. However, for BillEase and TendoPay users, the interest rate will depend on customer approval.


Investing in reliable and high-quality home appliances is expensive. That is why you need to carefully check the features and specifications of a particular appliance before purchasing them.

If you need to buy an appliance immediately but can’t afford to pay in full, check out Western Appliances’ Hulugan Appliance plan! This installment plan will allow you to buy the items you need now and pay for them later, even without a credit card.

To apply for this service, prepare all the requirements and visit our selected branches nationwide. We look forward to hearing from you!


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