Make Laundry Day Easier Using an Inverter Washing Machine With Dryer in the Philippines

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Dealing with dirty laundry is a hassle, but it is crucial to keep your clothes clean and presentable. This is why nowadays, washing machines have become essential in our daily lives. All you have to do is pour in the detergent and one load of laundry into the washer tub then the machine will do its magic.

According to a TED talk by Hans Rosling, the functions of the washing machine have made many people’s lives easier, even his. Finally buying the machine and using it at home enabled his mother to spend her free time with him. He even said, “Because this is the magic: you load the laundry, and what do you get out of the machine? You get books out of the machines, children’s books. And mother got time to read for me.”

With the continuous evolution of technology, there have been different modifications to washing machines. Today, you can buy washing machines with built-in dryers. They have also been integrated with inverter technology for lower energy consumption, making it budget- and environment-friendly. Talk about convenience!

Upgrading to an inverter washing machine with dryer in the Philippines will make your laundry days easier and faster. At Western Appliances, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality and efficient inverter washing machines with dryers to customers nationwide. We offer products from many major brands, ensuring that we meet your specific needs and preferences.

What Makes a Washing Machine With Dryer Different From Other Models? 

Think about it: do you really need to have a washing machine with a built-in dryer or a separate device or dryer only? They are all excellent choices, but they will all boil down to factors affecting your purchase. For instance, having two individual machines would be great if you can afford the price and spare the space. But if not, a washing machine with dryer can do the job just as fine.

A washing machine with dryer is a two-in-one appliance perfect for cleaning and drying clothes quickly. Once you load up your laundry and put in your detergent, the machine will take care of the entire washing process.

If you believe that owning a dryer is essential but have limited space in your home, purchasing a washing machine with a dryer is ideal. This will even save you money since you’re using one device instead of two, making it more cost-effective in the long run.

How To Use a Washing Machine 

Understanding how to use a washing machine properly will save you from damaging your clothes so you can wear them for a longer period.

Learn the art of using an automatic washing machine in no time by following the steps below:

1. Sort your laundry into different piles based on their fabric type and color. You should also check each garment’s care label for specific washing instructions. This is to keep the integrity of your fabrics well-preserved, especially the delicate ones.

2. Choose the washing cycle. This can either be at a speed that tumbles your clothes with water or the one that spins the water out from the clothes.

3. If your washing machine has temperature control, set the correct water temperature. For example, you can use cold water to wash your garments gently. Meanwhile, you can utilize hot water for sanitizing and killing germs better.

4. Add the exact amount of detergent and fabric softener. Always check on the washing machine manual to know where you’ll be putting these two components.

5. Load the washing machine. Ensure not to overload it with too many clothes or else they won’t be washed properly.

6. Close the washing machine door and hit the Start button. To avoid accidents, always remember to check if the door is closed. It would be best if you only opened it once you’re done.

The Do’s and Don’ts in Washing Clothes Using the Washing Machine 

Whatever type of washing machine you use at home, you still need to keep in mind the do’s and don’ts of using a washing machine for your clothes, such as:

• Separate your colored clothing items from non-colored ones. Sorting them out will help prevent any color run or bleeding disasters. You can divide your clothes into four piles: whites, lights, darks, and delicates. Once done, you can check the garments for stains. If ever you find one, pre-treat them with a stain eraser to avoid re-washing them later.

• Check garment care labels. These instructions will guide you on the appropriate wash cycles and temperatures to set for your clothes’ fabric type.

• Place delicate clothes in laundry bags. Placing your underwear, tights, silks, and lingerie in laundry bags will help protect them from being damaged. A pillowcase is a great alternative if you don’t have a laundry bag.

• Check detergent packaging to measure and use the product correctly. Generally, measure liquid detergents with a measuring cup or dosing ball. For washing powders, you may use a provided scoop. Pour them in after loading your clothes.

• Don’t leave wet clothes in the machine for a long time. The moisture from wet clothes can cultivate mold in both the washing machine drum and your clothes.

What Affects Washing Machine Prices in the Philippines? 

There are various factors to look out for when comparing automatic washing machine prices on the market. This includes:

Size and Load Capacity 

The size of your washing machine influences its load capacity, which is why you should carefully assess which model is best for your home. After all, the larger the unit, the greater the capacity and higher the cost.


There are two types of washers: top load and front load. Picking between the two can be based on your personal choice or on their other factors, such as price and performance. However, one should note that front-load washers are more expensive than top-load ones because they have more wash features to accommodate all fabric types.

Water and Energy Efficiency 

Inverter technology is now included in washing machines, allowing you to save money on energy bills in the long run. However, the initial cost of this type of appliance may be more than that of a conventional one. The same is true for front-load washing machines with water efficiency features.

Additional Features 

A wide range of other features can cause the price of a washing machine to increase. For instance, there are washing machines that you can connect to your smart devices, allowing you to choose the wash settings from your screen.

Where Can You Get a High-Quality Inverter Washing Machine With Dryer in the Philippines? 

No matter where you are in the Philippines, Western Appliances has got you covered. As one of the leading providers of home appliances nationwide, we deliver only high-quality inverter washing machines with dryers. Our company serves a wide range of customers in the Philippines. We are committed to bringing great options and exceptional value to fulfill their needs.

Follow these steps to place an order:

1. Select the Washing Machine category on our website’s menu bar.

2. Click Dryers under the type category, and tick “Yes” under the Inverter category on the filter bar.

3. Another thing you can do is type “inverter washing machine with dryer” on the search bar.

4. Choose among our wide selection of products and add them to your cart.

5. Proceed to check out all the items.

6. Fill out the necessary information and select your preferred payment method.

7. Once done, just wait for your items to be delivered to your doorstep.

How To Clean Your Washing Machine With Dryer 

The Outside of the Washing Machine 

1. Remove the control knobs and wash them.

2. Wipe the machine’s exterior with a microfiber cloth and all-purpose cleaner.

3. Vacuum the back part of the washing machine.

4. Inspect the water supply hoses for signs of damage. Should you find one, immediately call professionals to replace them so you can avoid leaks.

The Inside of the Washing Machine 

1. Remove the detergent tray and clean it separately.

2. Scrub the crevices inside the machine with a piece of cloth, toothbrush, and vinegar.

3. Clean the smaller parts.

4. If your washing machine has a lint trap, clean it with vinegar.

5. If you own a front-loading washing machine, ensure no items are stuck on the door.

The Wash Drum 

1. Pour a quart of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda into the wash drum.

2. Use a stiff nylon brush to scrub the interior.

3. Run a heavy-duty wash cycle with the cleaning solution.

The Dryer 

1. Always remove debris from your lint screen after every use.

2. Use vacuum tools or brushes to remove the buildup of dirt from the interior and exterior of the lint trap.

3. Wipe the dryer drum.

4. Ensure there are no clogs in your dryer vent and duct.

Tips for Maintaining Your Washing Machine with Dryer 

Don’t Overload Your Washing Machine 

Check the maximum capacity of your washing machine to know how much laundry you should load. Only use the appropriate amount of water for your load and never wash bulk items in small packs to prevent damage.

Remove Objects From Clothes’ Pockets 

Always check the pockets of your clothes and ensure they’re empty before putting them into the washing machine. This helps avoid objects damaging the outer tab of your appliance. Doing so also prevents leaks or clogs in the drainpipe.

Measure Your Detergent 

Read the manual to ensure you’re using the correct type and amount of detergent for your washing machine. If you exceed the required amount or use the wrong kind of soap, it can cause premature wear and tear on your washer.

Replace Water Hoses 

Check the hoses regularly for any signs of cracks, frays, and leaks around the ends. Do not forget to replace your water hose every three to five years as this is a vital part of your washing machine’s maintenance.

Add Drip Pan Underneath the Machine 

Also referred to as the drain pan, a washing machine drip pan slides under your appliance. It acts as the first line of defense against accidental spillage, leaks, and anything that might drip from your washing machine. If your laundry room is located upstairs, having a drip pan is beneficial to prevent water leaks from damaging the floors below it.

Call a Technician if There Are Problems 

If you encounter problems or issues that are hard to solve, contact a technician immediately and ask for advice regarding your predicament. This way, you get to avoid making mistakes that could further damage your appliance.


Having a washing machine saves you a lot of time. All you have to do is put your dirty clothing into it, start the cycle, and let it do its job.

Washing machines have undergone several technological advances in recent years. Some of them include built-in dryers to help consumers save money. There are also ones equipped with inverter technology to improve energy and water efficiency.

If inverter washing machines with dryers sound like your next big purchase, turn to Western Appliances today! Browse through our website and shop from our wide selection of appliances to get the best deals.


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