Prepare and Reheat Your Food the Easy Way Using Microwave Ovens in the Philippines

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Microwave ovens have been one of the staple kitchen appliances in most households ever since they were sold in the market in 1947. The ease they have brought when cooking and preparing dishes has been the main reason people kept buying and recommending them to others.

Although people have been using this piece of appliance for a long time now, many have not yet exhausted the numerous ways it can helpful in the kitchen. Furthermore, a microwave oven is the best kitchen tool anyone can own when starting their cooking hobby or business. They are generally safe to use, and they present less risk of causing skin burns or fire hazards.

If you’re looking for the best affordable microwave oven in the Philippines, Western Appliances has you covered. Our high-quality products are cost-effective, and they have excellent functionalities. These microwave ovens are definitely helpful in kickstarting your cooking dreams or even just for your daily meal prep use.

The Different Microwave Oven Uses and Functions

We all get amazed by new and innovative technology. Nowadays, we have air fryers, smart refrigerators, Bluetooth-synced ranges, and other advanced kitchen appliances. But when was the last time you thought of a microwave oven as a revolutionary piece of cooking machine? Here’s why microwave ovens are the game-changer of every kitchen:

Reheating Food

Cooking big batches of dishes for a gathering always ends us up with leftover food. For practicality and to avoid letting them go to waste, we place the excess food in containers and leave them in the refrigerator until it’s time to eat them again.

Without a microwave oven, you will have to whip out your pans, transfer the food, use spatulas, and turn on the stove. All of these, just to reheat a single dish, and afterwards, you are left with pans and kitchen tools to wash.

However, with microwave ovens, you simply toss the microwaveable container in, set the timer, and wait for your food to heat up—no more mess and cleaning up to do afterwards. The time and effort you save by using this kitchen tool speak volumes about why it is an essential appliance in your kitchen.


Many have not tried, but cooking using a microwave oven is indeed possible. There are even a lot of recipes you can follow if you feel a bit experimental in the kitchen. Because of microwave ovens’ ability to heat up food or ingredients using small waves of heat, they can help you prepare simple dishes.

The two main factors that you need to remember when cooking using a microwave oven are keeping the moisture in and setting the exact time. Moreover, it is best to cut up food into smaller portions for faster cooking. If you plan to cook food with outer layers or skin, poking a hole on it is necessary to avoid splatters. Lastly, you should cook dishes in small intervals and stir them regularly to ensure everything is evenly heated.


Having no baking oven is not a problem anymore. Microwave ovens work just as efficiently as baking ovens when making simple pastries, cakes, or other desserts.

If you want to bake using your microwave oven, you should consider a few things first. For starters, it is best to opt for a convection microwave oven than a regular one. A convection type might not be the cheapest microwave oven in the Philippines, but it can give you both the function of a standard microwave and a baking oven.

It is also advisable to use instant baking kits to avoid miscalculations of measurements that can easily mess up baked goods. Finally, you should be precise when setting the temperature as it can make or break your pastry.

What Are the Benefits of Buying the Best Affordable Microwave Oven in the Philippines?

As mentioned above, microwave ovens, like the ones offered by Western Appliances, have lots of uses and functions. Therefore, they are beneficial to those who own them. Here are some of their advantages:

Save Kitchen Space

Microwave ovens are perfect for those with limited space in the kitchen. They are compact and can be placed in the corner of your countertop as long as there is an outlet nearby. Unlike big baking ovens, you don’t need to dedicate a large amount of space or a proper table for them.

Less Cooking Time

Your usual pan and stove heats up the outer part of the food first and gradually spreads to its center. This takes longer because you still need to wait for the outside to get warm first. Since microwave ovens heat the outer and inner layer of food at the same time, they can warm it up in just minutes.

No-Mess Cooking

If you own a microwave oven, there’s a big chance that you have a few microwaveable containers, too. When reheating food or even cooking, they are all you need. Unlike cooking using a stovetop where used utensils and pans pile up afterwards, microwave ovens will definitely save you some time from cleaning and washing the dishes.

Preserve Nutrients in Food

Microwave ovens heat food; they don’t burn it. If done right, they can help preserve minerals, nutrients, and vitamins in your food.

For instance, you can cook spinach in them by adding a bit of water. This will steam it up and retain its nutrients. However, if you boil it using a stovetop, it can lose up to 70% of its folic acid.

You just have to be careful not to overcook your food because as safe and healthy cooking in a microwave oven is, you can still lose the nutrients if you’re doing things wrong. Using the right type of container plays a big role, too. Non-microwavable bowls or plastic containers are dangerous when used to cook food in a microwave oven as they may shatter, and chemicals may seep out when they are heated.

How to Use the Cheapest Microwave Ovens in the Philippines

A microwave oven offers a lot of uses and functions when operated properly. Although manuals are included when you buy microwave ovens in the Philippines, it is best to know beyond the standard instructions. Here are some helpful tips when using microwave ovens:

Use Proper Food Containers

A lot of materials are considered microwave-safe, even plastic containers. But back before, experts warned people never to use plastic when reheating or to cook food inside a microwave as chemicals may leak when heated. Upon review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, they confirmed that plastics labeled microwave-safe are applicable for microwave use as long as they are; Plastic #2 High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Plastic #5 Polypropylene (PP), and Molded Fiber and Bagasse.

The most recommended materials for microwave ovens are glass and ceramic dishes with no metal rims, paper plates, towels, napkins, wax, and parchment papers. These are all safe because microwaves can pass through these materials, resulting in heating the food inside and not just the container.

On the other hand, aluminum foil, brown paper bags, single-use plastic containers, metallic paint or rim dishes, foam-insulated cups, bowls, plates, and trays should not be used when microwaving food. These materials can heat up, break, deform, and catch sparks easily, resulting in fire hazards.

Set the Timer Properly

Whether you are cooking, defrosting, or reheating food using a microwave, timing is everything. Exceeding your timer by just a few seconds can drastically affect the quality of the food you are preparing. Some might come out burnt or soggy.

When setting up the timer, consider your microwave’s power level. This controls the heating intensity of the appliance. If this is not adjusted, the microwave will automatically cook on high by default.

After adjusting the power level, you may set the timer depending on how many seconds or minutes are needed. For proper reheating of food like pizza, bread, and leftover baked goods, you can set it at 45 seconds to one minute. Meanwhile, if you are reheating soup-based food, you may adjust the timer to three minutes, stopping every 60 seconds to stir quickly. When it comes to pasta, it is best to place your dish in the microwave for only 35 seconds at a high temperature. For dishes with meat, you can reheat them for two minutes and allow them to sit for a minute afterward.

Determine if Your Food Is Microwave-Safe

Technically, you have the freedom to cook or reheat any food you like in your microwave oven. However, some dishes are not recommended to be microwaved simply because of possible chemical reactions, uneven heat distribution, and food explosion.

Here are some things you should avoid microwaving:

  • Hard-boiled Egg

Reheating a hard-boiled egg may cause an explosion inside your microwave because of the pressure from steam building up inside the shell.

  • Processed Meat

The numerous chemicals and preservatives used to produce processed goods worsen when you microwave them, resulting in the production of cholesterol oxidation products.

  • Breast Milk

Warm breast milk might be the best for babies. However, you should never microwave it since the heat from the microwave can unevenly warm up the milk, resulting in hot spots that can scald a baby’s mouth.

What Affects the Best Microwave Oven Philippine Prices?

There are many factors why microwave ovens in the Philippines are priced high or low. Here are the ones that greatly affect the price:


Most people are not aware that microwave ovens come in different sizes. They are measured in liters, indicating how much food can be cooked in one go.

For families with two to four household members, the recommended size is 15 to 20 liters. Meanwhile, if you have a bigger household with four to six members, you may choose a bigger size from 25 to 30 liters.

Of course, the bigger the size, the more expensive the microwave oven. If you plan to invest in a solo microwave oven first, you may have to cook or reheat meals in batches.


There are three types of microwave ovens available in the market today. Depending on what you want to cook or reheat inside your oven, you might want to consider checking the features of these three.

Solo microwave ovens are the most common type of microwave oven. They are used for simple cooking, reheating leftover dishes, and defrosting frozen meat.

The second type is grill microwave ovens. These come with additional grilling accessories and are perfect for grilling meat and vegetables.

The last type is convection microwave ovens. This type uses a fan and heating element that creates airflow patterns inside the oven. Through this feature, this oven can be used for grilling and baking.

Power Rating

There are different power ratings or consumption for microwave ovens. To simplify them, the higher the voltage, the more efficient and quicker the food is cooked. However, this also means that it will consume more energy. If you don’t want a higher electricity bill, the best choice is to go for less power rating. 

Cooking Features

One thing that affects the price of the best microwave oven in the Philippines is its built-in cooking settings. This feature helps guide users when cooking specific things in the microwave like meat, fish, bread, and so on by automatically setting the timer and heat level.

Where Can You Purchase Microwave Ovens in the Philippines?

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We offer a wide range of the best affordable microwave ovens in the Philippines that you can surely rely on when cooking and reheating delightful dishes. On top of that, we have superior warrant and refund policies if you encounter problems with the product you bought.


Invest in a microwave oven now and discover the wonderful benefits it can give to your everyday meal prep or small business.

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