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Aircons are nice for homes and offices in the Philippines because of the warm and humid environment. However, these appliances can be expensive. Imagine having to purchase one unit for each room if you want to stay or work there for the day. When you buy an air conditioning unit, you would have to pay for extra charges like installation, and it would only be in one room.

What if we told you that there is a way to pay for less and have a cooler temperature in your preferred room? You can do that through portable aircons. Some units have wheels that allow you to move them from one room to another easily. You no longer have to buy many units because of this feature, especially if you do not use some rooms frequently.

If you are looking for a reliable store to purchase a good portable aircon from, then you can rely on Western Appliances. You can choose from the different brands we carry. Even better is that you can order it online so you would not have to leave your house to get one. Buy yourself a portable aircon today!

How Does a Portable Air Conditioner Differ From Its Traditional Counterparts?

Are you looking to buy a portable aircon soon? If you are, you might have some questions in mind that you want answered. We have listed some differences between portable air conditioners from the traditional ones.


Most portable air conditioners have wheels attached at the bottom, making it easy to move them from one room to another. That means you can work in different rooms each day without having to install an aircon in each of those rooms. For example, if you want stay in your living room instead of your bedroom as a working space, you may simply move your unit there to make the temperature colder.

Ease of Installation

The traditional aircon often has to be fixed on walls. Usually, people hire professionals or technicians to do this for them, which would incur additional costs. Unlike traditional aircons that need to be installed on walls or window spaces, the portable ones only require to be placed standing in a room, plugged to an outlet, and turned on.

Noise Level

Many aircons make noises because of their parts, and portable aircons are no exception. Due to their structure, where the whole machine would be inside the room, they can be quite noisy. The split-type aircon can be quiet because their engine is outside the room, making it a good choice for some people who value silence. However, compared to traditional window-type ones, portable air conditioners emit less noise.

Energy Use

One thing to consider when purchasing an aircon is energy usage. When comparing portable air conditioners to window-type ones, the latter can cover much more room with the same energy used. That means that the former requires more energy to make the same area just as cold. However, portable aircons are more recommended if you want to cool a smaller space or a more specific area in a room, which would be helpful for individual usage.


Portable aircons are cheaper than window-types and split-types in terms of their prices. At Western Appliances, a 1.5-horsepower aircon can cost around P17,000, while a split-type would be about P36,000. As for portable inverter aircon prices in the Philippines, they are priced approximately P10,000, making them a lot cheaper on upfront costs.

What Is the Working Principle of a Portable Aircon?

Portable air conditioners operate toward the same goal other aircons, which is to emit cooler air in a given room. It is easy to set them up and start cooling the room. Basically, they work by sucking in the hot air in the room through their fans, cooling the hot air by condensing it, then releasing the cooled down air back to the room. It then releases the warm air and excess moisture outside the room through its tube.

When Should You Purchase Portable Aircons in the Philippines?

You must consider the various pros and cons of portable aircons before buying them. To help you, here are some reasons why you should buy these convenient appliances:

Minimal Floor Space

Unlike floor-standing air conditioners that take up a large space, portable aircons usually have a smaller footprint. You can also move them to a different area of the room easily if ever you need the space where they are currently positioned on.

Tight Budget

Avoid spending too much money when buying portable aircons as they are much cheaper than other types. You also don’t have to shell out much on hefty installation costs, and you can even save up on your electricity bills due to their energy efficiency.

Little Time For Installation

The installation of portable air conditioners takes little time because it just needs to be near a window. You do not need a hole in the wall or any screws for fixed attachment. When installing one, you have to assemble its exhaust hose or tube, place it on a window facing the outside of your room, plug the unit, and turn it on. Once that is done, you can already use the unit.

What Affects Portable Air Conditioner Prices in the Philippines?

The prices of portable aircons in the Philippines vary and are affected by many factors. Here are a few things you should consider when purchasing one:


Portable aircons come with different dimensions, depending on their manufacturers’ designs and lineups. Their sizes can affect their cost because of the difference in materials used to produce them. For example, the larger ones may have big and bulky mechanisms needed to peroprly operate, therefore needing a bigger frame. The smaller ones, on the other hand, may have more compact and advanced components.
Not all small portable aircons are more expensive, though. Some are compact because they already have what they need to lower the temperature of a small room. You can use whichever fits your budget and space.


There are many brands of portable aircons. Some have bigger names than others, and their products can be a bit more expensive. These well-known manufacturers may have already earned the trust of customers due to the quality, reliability, and efficiency of their products. When buying a portable air conditioner, always check the reviews not only of the specific unit but also of the brand.
It is better to buy a branded portable aircon because you can be assured of their brand’s services. When you know about what they offer, you may find it easy to have your aircon fixed when necessary or have it checked by an expert.


The horsepower (HP) defines how much power an engine produces. It can help you determine how efficiently it can cool a certain area. The higher the HP, the faster it is to cool a room, and the pricier the unit is. If you need to know a portable aircon’s HP, you can find it in the specifications when purchasing them in-store or online. You may also ask the staff if it is not posted on the item’s description.
The horsepower you need depends on the size of your room. If you have a 10-square-meter or smaller room, the suggested HP is 0.5. You can estimate how much you need for larger rooms from that number. Aside from that, you have to consider other appliances you have in the room, such as televisions, laptops, and lightbulbs. You can check for recommended horsepowers through online calculators.
For better or faster cooling of small rooms, you can choose portable aircons with higher HP, although they may be a bit bigger. You may opt for smaller ones if you have limited space for a portable aircon. If you are unsure of the HP you need for an area, you can always ask store clerks. They will recommend a unit with the appropriate HP and maybe even give tips on how to use a portable aircon.

Hose Design

When purchasing portable aircons, you should know about the two hose designs you can choose from—single and dual hose. Both types exhaust warm air outside, but the latter also gets air from outside. The dual hose variant is perfect for cooling a room more efficiently, but it’s often more expensive than their single hose counterparts.
Additionally, dual hose portable aircons have thicker tubes. These tubes need to be placed facing out your room’s window to provide exhaust for your portable air conditioning unit. If you have a small window, dual-type hoses may not be the best option.
Before deciding to purchase one, it is best to consider the size of your window so that you know which type of hose fits best. Do not worry if you cannot get the dual-type because there are single-hose portable aircons that can still cool a room nicely.

Special Features

Appliances often come with additional features with various benefits. The same goes for portable aircons. Some may have unique functions that others do not have, including sleep timer, swivel function, or modes. Keep in mind, though, that they may cost more because of these special features, depending on the brand and level of technology.
How great would it be to have different modes for your aircon? Let’s say you only have a small room, and you have an electric fan and a portable aircon. You can save on space if your portable aircon has a fan function since you would not need to have an actual electric fan anymore. Aside from that, you can lessen the expenses for repairs of your appliances.

Where Can You Get High-Quality Portable Aircons in the Philippines?

If you are looking for a reliable store that offers brand-new portable aircons in the Philippines, turn to Western Appliances. We carry a wide range of appliances from various reputable brands. Having been in the industry for many years, we have earned the experience and reputation to assure you of the quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of our products.
It is easy to purchase from us. Simply visit our website to shop for the items that you need. For your convenience, we offer different payment options, including GCash, TendoPay, and bank transfer. We also offer delivery within Metro Manila and select areas in Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, and Rizal.
Browse through our website today to discover portable air conditioning units and other appliances you might just need.


Portable aircons are perfect for those who want to say cool and fresh in their home or office. Despite being generally cheaper than regular air conditioners, these appliances can still offer comfort and convenience that you need for your rooms. Just remember to purchase the right one that fits your budget, needs, and preferences.
Level up your comfort with portable aircons available at Western Appliances. Shop now!


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