8 Results

  • Fujidenzo PAC150AIG

    1.5HP Portable Air Conditioner

    18,498.00 -10%
  • Fujidenzo PAC100AIG

    1.0HP Portable Air Conditioner

    16,998.00 -9%
  • Fabriano FPE12GW

    1.5HP 3-in-1 Function Portable Air Conditioner

    19,995.00 -12%
  • Carrier PDCAR009CO

    1.0HP Portable Air Conditioner

    22,100.00 -5%
  • Fabriano FPE09GW

    1.0HP 3-in-1 Function Portable Air Conditioner

    17,995.00 -12%
  • Ariel AMJ10

    1.0HP Portable Air Conditioner

    16,999.00 -6%
  • Midea FP54APT015HENVN5

    1.5HP Portable Air Conditioner

    23,995.00 -12%
  • Midea FP54APT010HENVN5

    1.0HP Portable Air Conditioner

    21,195.00 -12%

Cool Down Your Room With Our Best-Selling Portable Aircons

A single air conditioning unit can be a big investment, so some people opt to buy portable aircons. These appliances are lightweight and easy to move around, allowing users to transport them to rooms where they are most needed.

Western Appliances Is a Trusted Provider of Portable Aircons

We have been providing clients in the Philippines with high-quality portable aircons from several trusted brands for years. You can rest assured that the air conditioning unit you buy from us is durable because we get them from manufacturers known for their quality and attention to detail.

What Are Portable Aircons?

Portable air conditioners typically have wheels because they are meant to be moved around easily. These units also do not need to be fixed into a hole in the wall since the exhaust hose can simply be placed outside any window.

Specifications To Keep in Mind When Buying Portable Aircons

Every air conditioner has differences you have to consider before buying. Here are some important specifications to watch out for:


The ideal horsepower level you need will depend on the size of your room. Typically, bigger rooms would need a unit with higher horsepower to cool the entire space.

Cooling Capacity

Measured in British Thermal Units (BTU), the cooling capacity refers to the amount of heat an air conditioner can remove from your space. The ideal cooling capacity you should look for will also depend on the size of your room.


It’s essential to check the different modes of a portable aircon to ensure that it has the functions you need. If you want a dual-purpose appliance, it’s best to purchase a unit with cooling and fan functions.

Get a Portable Aircon Today

Turn to Western Appliances today to purchase durable portable aircons for your property! Feel free to browse through our website to view our available units


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