17 Results

  • American Home ASD72B

    6.5kg Spin Dryer

  • Sharp ESD9518

    9.5kg Spin Dryer

    5,498.00 -16%
  • Sharp ESD7018

    7.0kg Spin Dryer

  • Whirlpool AWD72A

    7.2kg Front Load Tumble Dryer

    26,998.00 -8%
  • Whirlpool AWD80A

    8.0kg Front Load Tumble Dryer

    29,998.00 -8%
  • Eurotek ESD90

    9.0kg Spin Dryer

    5,445.00 -6%
  • Hanabishi HSD68GRY

    6.8kg Spin Dryer (Grey)

  • Samsung DV80T5220TT

    8.0kg Digital Inverter, Front Load Dryer

    49,495.00 -27%
  • LG FV1413H2BA

    13.0kg/8.0kg Inverter, Front Load Combo Washing Machine

    76,995.00 -31%
  • LG Styler S3MFC

    Steam Clothing Care Machine

    139,995.00 -39%
  • Panasonic NHE80JA1WPH

    8.0kg Front Load Tumble Dryer

    29,599.00 -20%
  • LG RV09VHP2V

    9.0kg Dual Inverter, Heat Pump Dryer

    62,995.00 -27%
  • Samsung DV90T6240LH

    9.0kg Digital Inverter, Front Load Dryer

    52,495.00 -22%
  • Whirlpool WWEB8503BW

    8.0kg/5.0kg Inverter, Front Load Combo Washing Machine

    48,998.00 -13%
  • Midea FP91LFD070GMTMN

    6.5kg Front Load Dryer

    23,595.00 -16%
  • Samsung DV16T8740BV

    16.0kg Digital Inverter, Front Load Dryer

    104,995.00 -22%
  • Samsung DF60R8600CG

    Air Dresser Smart Wardrobe Steamer

    137,995.00 -24%

Make Your Laundry Day Easier With Efficient

All people need to do their laundry at least once every week. And since some do not have enough space to sundry their freshly washed clothes and sheets, spin dryers are used as an efficient alternative.

Western Appliances Is a Trusted Provider of Dryers

For many years now, Western Appliances has been known to provide premium-quality and efficient laundry dryers in the country. We have a wide range of products, from your typical spin dryers to front load tumble dryers. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose the brand you prefer and the capacity you need.

What Are Dryers?

A clothes dryer is a simple laundry machine used to remove moisture or liquid from clothes, beddings, and other textiles once they are done being washed using a washing machine. After doing your laundry, you can simply load the wet pieces of clothing into the spin dryer, set the timer, and let the machine do the work.

Specifications To Keep in Mind When Buying Dryers

Before buying your first spin dryer or tumble dryer from Western Appliances, there are some specifications you have to keep in mind. Here are some of them:

Load Capacity

Dryers come in different load capacities. Usually, the lightest load you can put in one go is five kilograms, and the heaviest load you can put is 16 kilograms. Make sure to buy a dryer depending on how much laundry you do.

Spin or Tumble Dryer

You have a choice between spin and tumble dryers. Spin dryers use centrifugal force to spin and remove the excess water. Meanwhile, tumble dryers draw air and heat it to dry the clothes.


Dryers come in various sleek designs. You have a choice to pick one that matches your washing machine or the whole style of your laundry area.

Shop at Western Appliances Now

Say goodbye to time-consuming ways of drying your clothes, sheets, and textiles. Invest in a powerful dryer from Western Appliances now! Browse through our website and place an order.


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