12 Results

  • American Home AHW616

    6.2kg Single Tub Washing Machine

  • Sharp ESWP85

    8.5kg Single Tub Washing Machine

    5,998.00 -16%
  • American Home AWS85B

    8.5kg Single Tub Washing Machine

  • American Home AHW717

    7.0kg Single Tub Washing Machine

  • American Home AHW6005

    6.5kg Single Tub Washing Machine

  • Hanabishi HWM190

    9.0kg Single Tub Washing Machine

    5,699.00 -1%
  • Panasonic NAS8018BAQ

    8.0kg Single Tub Washing Machine

    5,799.00 -5%
  • Panasonic NAS6518BSP

    6.5kg Single Tub Washing Machine

    4,999.00 -6%
  • Eurotek EWM85BG

    8.5kg Single Tub Washing Machine

    6,395.00 -6%
  • Sharp ESWP75

    7.5kg Single Tub Washing Machine

    5,698.00 -15%
  • Eurotek EWM65ST

    6.5kg Single Tub Washing Machine

    4,995.00 -4%
  • Hanabishi HWM170

    7.0kg Single Tub Washing Machine


Say Goodbye to Hand-Washing Clothes! Use Single Tub Washing Machines

Hand-washing clothes, sheets, and other textiles can get tiring, especially if you do it every week. With a single tub washing machine, you can wash and dry your clothes without any hassle.

Western Appliances Is a Trusted Provider of Single Tub Washing Machines

Here at Western Appliances, we can provide you with different branded single tub washing machines. We have a wide range of products, from the usual plastic tubs to washing machines made of stronger materials like polypropylene. You may also choose from various load capacities, depending on how much laundry you do daily.

What Are Single Tub Washing Machines?

Single tub washing machines are just like your typical washers. The have one tub that is dedicated to both washing and spin-drying clothes, sheets, and textiles. Single tub washing machines are simpler than twin tub machines, but they are able to deliver the same functions through their outer and inner layers with different holes, allowing water to drain.

Specifications To Keep in Mind When Buying Single Tub Washing Machines

Are you ready to buy your first single tub washing machine from Western Appliances? There are some specifications you have to keep in mind. Here are some of them:

Load Capacity

Single tub washing machines have different load capacities. Since they are built compact, the lightest load they can take is five kilograms and below. Meanwhile, if you wash several clothes and sheets, you can choose single tub washers with a nine-kilogram capacity

Wash Selectors

Single tub washing machines feature various wash selections, such as normal, heavy, gentle, and drain options. Not all washing machines have these selectors, so search for them before buying one.


Singe tub washing machines are built using different materials. Some are composed of plastic, and others are made from polypropylene. Choose what you think suits your preference best

Shop at Western Appliances Now

Do not tire yourself from hand-washing all your clothes and sheets. Visit Western Appliances’ website today and purchase from our various premium-quality single tub washing machines!


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