Split Type Inverter Aircons in the Philippines and Why You Should Get One

Split Type Inverter Aircon In The Philippines, Wall Mounted Air Conditioner


The Philippines is located just above the equator, which means that it is warm all year with temperatures averaging 25 to 28 degrees Celsius. Due to the heat, it isn’t too rare for residents of this tropical country to keep cool indoors.

Aside from electric fans, air conditioners are commonly used appliances that can be seen in various homes. They come in multiple types and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is that they have enough power to cool down a room within a specific period.

If you are looking for a reliable split type inverter aircon in the Philippines, Western Appliances has you covered. We have an extensive catalog that you can go through. Furthermore, we carry different brands, which is why we are confident that you will be able to find one that fits your needs and preferences. Feel free to place your orders today!

What Makes Split Type Aircons Different?

Since there are various options available on today’s market, here’s a list of the different kinds of air conditioners you can get and the various traits that make them different from one another:

Split Type

If you are looking for an appliance to cool a medium-sized area, the split type air conditioner is a good choice. It can be used in various spaces, including living rooms, family rooms, dens, and offices.

Furthermore, this type of unit is highly flexible for installation since it can be positioned anywhere along the wall of your room. This is excellent news for individuals planning to have one installed only after the construction of their home. Now, people won’t have to worry about additional costs or the like since this air conditioning unit occupies zero floor space and doesn’t require you to create a large hole in your wall.

Window Type

As the name implies, a window type air conditioner is installed inside a window frame. This type of air conditioning unit is usually plugged into a traditional electrical outlet and is known for its sleek and modern design.

It works best when placed in smaller spaces, such as offices, bedrooms, or bathrooms. However, one should note that these units are relatively permanent once set since they will leave a sizeable hole in your wall. If you aren’t sure what to do with the new gap, you can either get another window-type unit or fill it in using cement.

Portable Type

Over time, portable air conditioners have become more and more popular due to their convenience. They are very similar to other units in how they can help keep you cool. The main difference is that they can be easily set up and are much smaller and lighter, making them easy to move around your home.

Portable air conditioner units typically have only one or two settings (on and off), but some models allow you to choose the level of coolness you prefer. Due to their size, however, they are most recommended for smaller spaces.

Package Type

Unlike their other counterparts, package types are air conditioners that are floor-mounted. This allows for an increased comfort level for anyone in the room as well as unobstructed airflow, as the unit can be easily adjusted to get rid of hot spots in the room. They are also much more capable when it comes to cooling, which is why this type of unit is the most ideal for large spaces. Due to this, however, they usually come with a much higher price tag than others.

For those who find package-type air conditioners too bulky, you can talk to a professional and have your walls renovated. Provide them with the exact measurements of your unit and ask if they could create a space within the walls of your home.

Regardless of which type of air conditioning unit you prefer, you can be sure that Western Appliances can help you. We even offer some of the best split type aircon prices in the Philippines. Additionally, we offer various payment methods so you can have an easier time checking out all the items that caught your eye. Browse through our numerous collections and order now!

Is Investing In a Split Type Aircon in the Philippines Worth It?

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should get a split type inverter aircon in the Philippines, here are a few things to consider why getting one would be a great idea:

Consumes Less Power 

Inverter air conditioners are ideal for those who want to save on their electricity bill and improve their indoor air quality. The type of technology found in these units has been recognized as a cost-effective method for reducing energy consumption. Furthermore, inverter split type air conditioners are more energy-efficient because they do not turn on and off as a standard unit would do. This makes them more convenient because they don’t need to use as much energy as their inner components are turned on and off.

Gives You More Space 

Split type air conditioners are perfect for households with cramped spaces. They can provide you with more space since they are mounted to your walls, which is a big advantage if you want a big and airy space where you and your loved ones can relax in. Although the process differs depending on what brand your unit is, you can opt to install your air conditioner yourself or ask for the help of a professional.

Keeps You Cool 

Air conditioners are among the most essential home appliances for those living in areas with hot and humid weather. They help maintain a comfortable and pleasant temperature inside your house while keeping the air fresh and dry. Furthermore, one should note that the number and type of units in a room would depend on how large your space is. Areas with higher ceilings and bigger floor plans should have split type aircons with a higher horsepower installed.

When you choose Western Appliances, you can be sure that all our air conditioning units will have all of these qualities and more. We even offer some of the most impressive split type aircon inverter prices in the Philippines! Feel free to browse through our online shop today to see what we have to offer. Shop now.

How Much Are Split Type Aircon Inverter Prices in the Philippines? 

If you’re planning to get a new split type inverter aircon in the Philippines, here are a few things that would affect your total costs:

• Horsepower – The horsepower of an air conditioner determines its cooling capacity and energy consumption. The most common specifications are 1HP, 1.5HP, 2HP, 2.5HP, and 3.0HP.

• Smart Home Integration – With the rapid rise of smart homes, some people now prefer automated units. Various models allow you to change the temperature in a specific room with just a few taps on your phone or tablet.

• Manufacturer – Some units are pricier than others because of their brand. This is because the manufacturers of these units have been in the industry for so long and have established themselves among the most reliable names on the market.

Which Rooms Should You Install Your Split Type Inverter Aircon in the Philippines? 

The most common areas where people choose to install the best split type aircons in the Philippines include:


People often install aircons in their bedrooms because most spend a considerable amount of time in this area. It’s important to keep your room temperature at a comfortable level whenever you’re sleeping. Experts say that the ideal level is around 15°C to 20°C so that you could get a good night’s rest.

Living Rooms 

Another area where people set up air conditioning units are living rooms. It is recommended that you don’t place these machines right above sofas since they may blow cold air directly on you and cause headaches. Another spot you need to avoid placing your unit in is above televisions as it may be harmful to the circuitry, as well as your other electronics and appliances.

Study Areas or Home Offices 

Lastly, your work area temperature can significantly affect your productivity levels for the day. Studies have shown that your work rate or capacity can drop by as much as 4% when the heat reaches 27°C or upward in specific workplaces. This is why you must invest in devices that can help you improve your concentration and comfort as you work, which inevitably affects the quality of your output.

Where To Buy the Best Split Type Aircon in the Philippines 

Whether you want to place your air conditioning unit in your bedroom or home office, you can be sure that Western Appliances can provide you with a range of items to choose from. We have some of the most impressive split type aircon prices in the Philippines on top of high-quality gadgets and electronics. Browse through our online shop today to see what else we have to offer.

How To Maintain Your Split Type Inverter Aircon in the Philippines? 

The regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit helps keep your machine running efficiently. Here are a few things you should keep in mind to prevent any potential problems for yourself in the future:

Clean Filters Regularly 

Air conditioner filters are crucial to the unit system as they are responsible for blocking particles and other contaminants from the air. A dirty filter can lead to lower efficiency, higher energy costs, and a greater risk of system breakdown. This is why these components should be cleaned or changed once every few months to ensure that the machine operates at its best.

Never Use Harsh Cleaning Chemicals 

Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning your air conditioner, as these solutions can damage your home appliance. Using products that contain high amounts of bleach and ammonia is not recommended.

For those who want to clean their own unit, the best way to do so is by using a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust accumulated inside the machine during operation. Afterward, you can go in with a sponge and a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid to ensure that no debris are left before rinsing and letting it air dry.

Consult Professionals 

If you aren’t too confident about your ability to clean or maintain your air conditioner, you can get in touch with professionals instead. Certified experts can personally visit your home to assess your unit. Depending on your model’s condition, they can either fix or clean it using the tools they brought or take it back to their shop so they can take a better look.


Split type inverter aircons in the Philippines are an excellent option for those who don’t have enough floor space in a specific room. These home appliances can be mounted on the wall, so there is no need to worry about the area looking or feeling too cramped. They’re also highly energy efficient, which has long-term benefits such as having a lower impact on your electricity bill.

At Western Appliances, we can provide you with some of the best split type aircons in the Philippines. Whether you’re looking for a unit that can be controlled with a remote device or one that has a timer, we have you covered. Feel free to browse through our online catalog and shop now.


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