A Simple Guide to Buying a Washing Machine for Your Home

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Various life-changing modern technologies are available today, particularly in the fields of medicine, information technology, and communication. However, have you considered the washing machine as a truly revolutionary piece of tech?

The washing machine is one of the world’s most essential technologies. It provides individuals with unprecedented levels of convenience by reducing the need to handwash garments.

The Wonder of Having a Washing Machine

Hans Rosling, a Swedish physician, delivered a fantastic TED talk about the impact of the washing machine on his life and the lives of future generations. In his TED talk, he described the magic of the washing machine when his mother used it for the first time. When she finished loading the laundry, she assured her son that the machine would do the work, allowing them to go to the library that day.

According to him, “This is the magic: you load the laundry, and what do you get out of the machine? You get books out of the machines, children’s books. And mother got time to read for me. She loved this. I got the ABCs… And we really loved this machine.”

What Is a Washing Machine?

A washing machine, also known as a clothes washer, is used to wash various clothes without requiring much human effort. When you use this appliance, you don’t have to rub the garments because it allows you to wash them automatically without having to intervene in the process. Additionally, if you’re washing machine has a dryer, you don’t have to squeeze your clothes to eliminate excess water.

All you have to do is load the clothes into the washing machine and choose the wash mode. Based on the selected mode and the quantity of clothing, you only need to add the necessary amount of water and detergent, then set the timer for washing and rinsing.

Types of Washing Machines

Are you shopping for a new washing machine? Or is this your first time buying one? If you’re in the market for a new clothes washer, you will most likely come across many types. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but with enough knowledge, you’ll be able to select the best one for you.

Front Load

A front load washing machine has a door in front that opens one side of the drum. Many people prefer this type since it is gentler on clothing, often more energy- and water-efficient, and can save space. A front load washing machine is also significantly quieter than other types because of its updated motors and suspension systems.

However, this product is generally more expensive. Due to its design, water can potentially be trapped inside, causing musty odors to accumulate in the washtub and detergent dispenser.

If your laundry is particularly dirty and you do many loads per week, a front load washing machine may be perfect for you. This type will allow you to reduce the number of loads you do and lessen the frequency of how often you need to clean it.

Top Load

Top load washing machines are traditional and still widely used since they are inexpensive. This type is also more convenient and ergonomic since you don’t have to bend over to load and unload clothing. It also allows you to add laundry after the cycle has begun. Additionally, top load washing machines have far shorter wash cycles and are less prone to produce musty smells.

However, keep in mind that this is not suitable if you live in a small place. These appliances also require more water to stay in the wet load after the spin cycle, which might increase the drying time of your garments.


If it’s your first time buying a washing machine and you’re slightly overwhelmed by the latest advancements in today’s washing machines, then a semi-automatic type might be perfect for you. This washing machine is an excellent introduction to using this appliance, falling halfway between traditional handwashing and a fully automatic washing machine.

Keep in mind that using a semi-automatic washing machine will require some manual input during the cycle. For example, you may need to move the wet clothes from the washing tub to the drying tub.

There are two types of semi-automatic washing machines:

1. Single Tub. This appliance does all the washing in one tub. It has an outer layer and an inner layer with holes that allow the water to drain. If you want a semi-automatic washing machine that doesn’t take up much space, this is an excellent choice.

2. Twin Tub. This is the more common type of semi-automatic washing machine on the market. The appliance consists of two tubs located next to each other—one for washing and the other for spin-drying.


A clothes dryer, often known as a tumble dryer, is a powered home appliance used to remove water or moisture from a load of clothing, bedding, and other textiles after they have been washed in a washing machine.

It has the following components:

• A spinning tumble that holds the garments
• An electric or gas-powered heater that warms the air sucked through the garments as they tumble, thus heating the clothing and the water in them
• An exhaust vent that exits the dryer, which is also utilized for water to escape the appliance

There are several types of dryers available on the market. Combination washer-dryers are also offered for those who want 2-in-1 appliances that can help them save money and space.

Factors To Consider When Buying Washing Machines in the Philippines

Washing Machine Type

With all the different types of washing machines available, finding the right one for your home may feel overwhelming. The first step you should do before buying a washing machine is to determine the pros and cons of each type. Understanding how they differ from each other can help you select the appliance the meets your needs.


How many clothes do you wash every week? Before buying a washing machine, you must determine the capacity load of your laundry.

For example, if you belong to a family of five, purchasing a large-capacity washing machine that can do multiple loads of laundry would be ideal. However, if you live alone, then a smaller capacity model will do.

Wash Programs

Are you particular with the wash settings of your washing machine? If you are, then you should consider this factor in purchasing your next appliance. Some washing machines have specific programs, such as water level alternatives and gentle wash for frail clothes. Having these kinds of settings allows you to customize and adjust how you wash all your clothes.

Special Features

Do you want a washing machine that you can operate through your mobile phone? Are you looking for an inverter type of washing machine? It is important to consider special features like these if you feel that they are essential for your laundry needs.

In addition, you should think about the design of your washing machine. Selecting an appliance with an elegant and sleek look can enhance your space and complement your home’s interior design.


Another important factor to consider when buying a washing machine is your budget. Start by researching different kinds of washing machines, ensuring that they fit within the amount you set. By doing this, you can avoid spending all your hard-earned savings on a piece of laundry equipment.

What You Should Look for in a Washing Machine Supplier in the Philippines

Now that you have determined the type of washing machine to buy, you must look for a trusted and reliable washing machine supplier that will cater to your needs.

Here are the things you should look for in a supplier:

Product Selection

Make sure that your supplier has a wide range of washing machines available, and check if they have the types of products you are looking for. The supplier must be able to give you helpful insights on which appliance you should purchase.

Service Areas

When choosing a washing machine supplier, you should find out where they offer their products. Do they have branches around the country? Do they only deliver in specific areas? These factors can help you determine if a supplier can serve you.

Delivery Options

Before ordering your washing machine, check the supplier’s available delivery options. It is also important to take note of the payment methods they accept. While researching, you should also find out if they deliver straight to your doorstep or you have to call another logistic service to pick up the product.

After Sales Service

The right washing machine supplier should be able to answer your questions about the product even after you have bought it. Make sure that they give you a contact number so you can reach out to them in case something goes wrong with the appliance or you need their help in getting it to function.

Repair Service

It is normal for a washing machine to break down over time. When this happens, you should be able to count on your supplier for help. The right washing machine supplier must offer ongoing support services after the sale.

Supply of Parts

Just like other appliances, washing machines can eventually start to slow down. Instead of replacing it, you should check if your supplier offers available parts that may help fix the problem. Doing this is more cost-efficient than buying a new one.

Where To Buy Cost-Effective and High-Quality Washing Machine in the Philippines

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The washing machine has become one of the most helpful appliances that a household can have. If you’re considering getting one, turn to none other than Western Appliances!

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