Buying Window Type Inverter Aircons in the Philippines? Here’s What You Need To Know

Window Type Inverter Aircon Installed


Extreme heat can be fatal. Excessive sweating makes you lose lots of fluids and electrolytes and causes your blood vessels to dilate—the combination of which can eventually make your blood pressure drop. If you don’t drink enough water or find a cool place where you can rest, you may start feeling dizzy and ultimately pass out.

The Philippines has a tropical climate, which means that people in this archipelago experience high temperatures for the majority of the year. As reported by the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration, the highest computed heat index in the Philippines in the first half of 2021 was 53°C.

With the hotter temperatures in the country, it isn’t a surprise that many Filipinos want to invest in an air-conditioning unit. At Western Appliances, we can help keep you and your loved ones cool by providing you with reliable window type inverter aircons in the Philippines. We offer various products from a range of brands.

What Is a Window Type Inverter Aircon in the Philippines?

A window type inverter air-conditioner is an appliance that can be installed in wall openings that meet the unit’s dimensions. Since it doesn’t take up floor space and is easy to install, it is one of the most popular types of portable air-conditioning units used today. They are also called through-the-wall units because they are installed in between the interior and exterior walls.

Furthermore, since they have inverters, this specific type of air-conditioner can adjust the coolness of any room without having to turn its motor on and off. This is an efficient way to stay cool in summer without wasting too much energy keeping your house at a constant temperature.

How Does A Window Type Inverter Aircon in the Philippines Work?

Window type inverter air-conditioners work by taking the heat from the air, transferring this heat outside, and then blowing the air into the same room. This is why you may notice that the back part of units lets out hot air. Additionally, the water that they release helps cool down the air they use from their surroundings.

Is an Inverter Aircon Window Type Better Than Other Kinds?

There are various advantages to using an inverter aircon window type in the Philippines, including:


An inverter air-conditioner can help attain your desired temperature up to 35% faster than regular units. Traditionally, each unit has a compressor, which consumes a lot of electricity when constantly turned on and off. With inverter technology, meanwhile, the mechanism can automatically adjust this device without completely shutting it down.


Since it can save up to 40% power, this type of air-conditioner can help lower the total of your electricity bills every month. The added amount you pay for models that have inverter technology will ultimately pay off since it can reduce your expenses in the long run.

Silent Operation

Compressors can become quite noisy if they’re constantly shut down and turned on. It won’t be a problem for you with an inverter air-conditioner as its compressors will continuously run. The most you would hear would be a constant hum in the background.

Tips for Buying a New Window Type Aircon

Are you considering purchasing a new air-conditioning unit for your home or office? Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Consider the Size of Your Room

Buying an air-conditioner is not as simple as it sounds. You need to take into account the size of your room to buy the right one. The specs of the model you buy will depend on how many people live there and what they usually do.

You might only need a small unit for those living in a studio apartment if it doesn’t get extremely hot inside. However, if you’re living in a large home with high ceilings, then one that’s bigger with more horsepower is recommended. You may also want to consider buying two smaller units that can cool the room more efficiently if you have a spacious house.

Take a Look at Unit’s Electric Requirements

Before you make your purchase, you need to ensure that the electric requirements of the air-conditioner match with the outlet you’re planning to plug it into. A unit that needs 240 volts to operate won’t turn on if your socket can only supply 120 volts. On the other hand, if you plug an appliance that requires only 120 volts into a 240-volt terminal, you may risk damaging your air-conditioner.

Watch Out for Additional Features

There are various air-conditioner models available in today’s market, which is why you must do your research and determine what additional features you want. Ask yourself: Do you need your unit to be remote-controlled? Would you prefer one with a timer? This is a vital step as it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the number of options.

Check the Window Type Inverter Aircon Price

The price of an air-conditioner may not be everything, but it is one of the most important factors when considering which one to get. There are many different types of air-conditioners available on the market, and some can be pretty expensive, while others are more budget-friendly.

Make sure to set a budget for yourself and stick to it. If some of the features you want for your unit cause the price to increase, you may need to consider compromising or saving up a bit more before buying an air-conditioner.

If you still aren’t too sure about which model to get, feel free to browse through our extensive catalog at Western Appliances. Regardless of what type or horsepower you’re looking for, you can be sure that we can provide you with a range of choices. Place your orders online today!

How To Clean Window Type Inverter Aircons in the Philippines 

Before taking your window type aircon out of its casing, ensure that you know how to clean it properly. Here are a few tips for you to read through:

Gather Your Cleaning Materials 

If you are unfamiliar with window type air conditioners, there are two tubes that exit the rear of the unit—one for exhaust and one for intake. These pipes should always be kept clean to ensure proper airflow.

Since these coils are essential for a unit to function properly, you should invest in the proper tools to clean it with. It is recommended that you use cleaning agents free of ammonia, bleach, chlorine, and acid, and alkaline to clean these tubes.

There are also products in stores specifically made for cleaning air conditioners. However, if you’re having a hard time getting your hands on one, you could opt for a mild household detergent mixed with water. Additionally, since there are areas that may be harder to reach, it would best to use a hose or a long brush.

Clean the Air Filter First 

The air filter is an essential part of a window type air conditioner. When it becomes dirty due to an accumulation of dust over time, it can cause a significant decrease in the efficiency of your window type air conditioner. This is why you must clean the air filter at least once every six months to help maximize the performance and life span of your unit.

Here are some simple steps on how you can clean your window type air conditioner’s air filter:

1. Find a place where you can lay down a sheet or towel. This will make it easier to collect any debris that falls off the filter during cleaning.

2. Remove the cover from your AC’s front grille. This is usually done by pulling one side until it pops open, then flipping it back over before continuing to pull each side until it opens.

3. Use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to remove any debris. You can also gently run your filter across the surface to loosen any stuck buildup.

4. Let the filter soak for an hour before cleaning and rinsing it. Feel free to repeat this step as many times as possible until there isn’t a speck of dust left.

5. Lastly, let your filter air dry completely before placing it back inside your unit. It would be best to leave it out in the sun for a few hours to further prevent mold growth.

Get Rid of the Dust on the Unit’s Exterior 

Whether you use your aircon frequently or not, the dust and dirt will inevitably accumulate inside and outside your unit. These particles will lead to the AC’s efficiency declining. Aside from this, excessive dust particles are harmful to your health, which is why it is essential that you use a damp rag to wipe down its exterior once or twice every month.

How To Maintain Your Window Type Air Conditioner 

To ensure that your window type inverter aircon in the Philippines lasts you for years to come, you should religiously follow a few maintenance procedures, including:

Always Double-Check the Fins 

Air conditioning fins are quite delicate, which is why they are able to bend easily. They are also one of the components within the unit that can easily get clogged with dirt and debris.

When condenser and evaporator fins are either deformed or obstructed, a major restriction in airflow occurs, decreasing the efficiency of the entire unit. This means that it will have to work harder to create cool air, eventually resulting in higher energy costs. To avoid this from happening, make sure to double-check the condition of your unit’s fins whenever you’re cleaning it.

Regularly Wash the Fans and Pans

Window air conditioners need to be cleaned and inspected once every few months. Luckily, however, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep them from breaking down. The fan and pans should be washed regularly. If you spot any cracks or deformities, make sure to replace them immediately to avoid any further damage to your unit.

Consult the Professionals 

If you want to ensure that your air conditioner is working well, you should consult professionals. They can help you regularly maintain your unit and keep it running efficiently while avoiding problems that can arise from regular use. A regular service appointment with a qualified technician will ensure you stay cool and prevent any costly repairs and replacements that would be expensive and time-consuming.

Where Can You Purchase the Best Window Type Inverter Aircon in the Philippines? 

Looking for a reliable store to purchase the best window type inverter aircon from can be quite difficult. This is because you need to look into their warranty and refund policies, modes of payment, and delivery services.

Fortunately, Western Appliances is committed to providing high-quality home appliances on top of excellent customer service. To address our clients’ needs and preferences, we offer some of the most impressive window type inverter aircon prices on the market.


A window type inverter aircon in the Philippines is a very reliable and efficient appliance that can help you keep your home cool anytime. The main advantage of these units is that they are energy-saving, cost-effective, and silent when turned on.

Western Appliances offers a range of air conditioning units from different brands. Do not hesitate to browse through our website and place your orders online today!


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