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1.0HP Full DC Inverter, Window Type Air Conditioner

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  • Quad Series Full DC Inverter
  • With Wifi Feature
  • R32 Refrigerant / 340 g
  • Installation is separate and will be quoted by an accredited installer

Full DC Inverter

Kolin Quad Series has a Full DC inverter system, which makes it:

DC Inverter Fan
• As low as 30 watts
• Soft Start-up
• Extremely quiet operation (Low Fan)
• Energy Efficient

DC Inverter Compressor
• Supreme cooling performance with less power consumption needed
• Maintains the cooling effectiveness very well
• Better energy savings
• Longer life span
• Less noise

Multi-Stage Air Filtration System

The Kolin Quad Series Multi-Stage Filtration System ensures that particles and organism circulation in the air are trapped. By trapping unwanted particles, the quality of the air you breathe is greatly improved.

High-Density Filter
A washable pre-filter that captures fine dust, pollen, and pet dander.

Anti-bacterial Filter
Inhibits bacterial growth in your room by eliminating airborne contaminants such as bacteria, fungi, spores, and dust.

Catechin Filter
Developed using Catechin, a bioflavonoid found in green tea that has antiviral and antioxidant properties. It traps and strips odor-causing pollutants such as tobacco smoke, pet smell, and other air contaminants.

Silver Ion Filter
Silver Ion filter work by dispensing positive bonding sites that breaks down the cellular function of harmful organisms such as spores, viruses, common allergens and bacteria.

WIFI Controlled

The EWPE Smart application, helps you operate the air conditioner thru the use of an internet connection. Making your life more convenient and cool at the same time!

High EER

High EER that can reach up to 14.2.

R-32 Refrigerant

Safer, efficient, and eco-friendly refrigerant.

Soft Touch Control Panel

The control panel is equipped with a SOFT TOUCH feature for an easy and comfortable manual control experience.

Quick Cooling

Helps cool the room as quickly as possible based on the set temperature.

As long as the air conditioner’s size is correct, the room is well-insulated, and the setting temperature is set at a comfort cooling setting of 23 – 25 ˚C, quick cooling is achievable.

Blue Fins

Blue Fin Technology prevents any type of corrosion through the use of anti-corrosion materials coated on the evaporator and condenser fins. The condensed water intact in the coils will slide down to the base to prevent the coils from corrosion.

Horizontal Auto Swing

Automatically swings the louver in a horizontal direction to distribute the cooled air to the room for a more comfortable cooling experience

Filter Dirty Alarm

It serves as a notification to clean the air filters.

Self Diagnosis

Automatically detects system errors through error codes is very useful for troubleshooting.

Precise Control

The Precise Control feature maintains the precision of the cooling performance for a long-lasting comfortable cooling experience.

Wide Voltage Range (190 – 240V)

The wide Voltage Range feature is designed to aid the compressor motor to work efficiently and maintain its quality cooling performance whenever any circumstances of abnormal power conditions.

Auto Memory

After restarting the unit, the previous operation setting will be automatically set.

Soft Start-up

Soft Start-up is used in limiting the current surge and torque of the compressor motor, resulting in a safer, smoother, and gradual start-up cooling operation. The current is slowly applied to the compressor motor, reducing its torque and current load that helps protect the compressor to prevent it from possible mechanical stress.

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  1. J

    Very accomodating sa pag deliver. They will inform you of the date.

  2. christelle s.

    Second order! Quality is great!

  3. lynnf.

    Surprised at how fast it arrived! It also fit perfectly and works as it should. It also comes with a free desk fan too. Thank you so much!

  4. M

    Delivered the following day. Thanks!

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Aircon Type
Window Type
1.0 HP
Cooling Capacity
10200 kJ/h (2600-11400)
Rated Power
900 W (220-1100)
Rated Current
5.5 A
CSPF Rating
Star Rating
11.3 kJ/hW (13.9-10)
Applicable Area
14 - 18 m²
Sound Level (Hi/Mi/Lo)
50/46/42 dBA
Net: 28 kg | Gross: 30.5 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)
Unit: 450 x 640 x 350 mm | Package: 516 x 743 x 374 mm
1 Year on Parts and Labor | 5 Years on Compressor


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